Best Amazon Prime Beauty Buys & How To Spot Fake Goods

Best Beauty Finds

Happy Amazon Prime day!! For 36 hours you’ll be able to shop great deals on Amazon in all categories.  Today we’re talking the beauty but I have to say, last year, I got my Kindle on sale so I totally recommend checking Amazon for other deals like that. Today we’re talking about the best Amazon Prime beauty buys and how to spot fakes.

Amazon isn’t the first place you think of when it comes to buying beauty products. Beauty isn’t it’s sole specialty like Sephora or Ulta and it’s not like you can swatch the products to find your shade.  But, it should be a go-to because the beauty section is deep in variety and it carries unique products that are hard to find elsewhere!  PS. Allure just posted some Amazon Prime day beauty sales. Peep a Tarte value pack, lip stains, an exclusive face mask and some skincare that’ll be specials.

Last year’s Prime day, I saw a lot of brands on sale that I’ve never heard of before.  I’m always pretty hesitant about that. With Amazon, it’s all about going with what you know, what looks legit and what gets good comments. Sales or not, I’ll be shopping on Amazon tomorrow so here I am to share my best Amazon Beauty Buys along with my Tips for Avoiding Counterfeit goods on Amazon.

I LOVE Amazon Prime because I get my orders in 2 days. I need my items to ship ASAP when I buy stuff online and they do!  I buy shit alll the time when I’m at school hahahhaha. I can attest that the beauty section is unique and totally bomb. I love it for K-beauty, my new penchant/obsession/money-taker.

How To Avoid Fakes.

So first, I want to address fakes because there are tons all over Amazon.  Here’s how I go about avoiding fakes. This is my personal way of going about it that has worked for me.  I wish Amazon came out with an official guide or would remove fakes entirely.  This is just what has worked for me!!

Rule of thumb: If it sounds too good to be true, or looks too good to be true, it is!  You don’t shop on Amazon to buy the things you can get at Sephora. Generally, for beauty brands, I stick with the items they have listed in their beauty and skincare or makeup tabs. For instance, Fenty beauty does not show up in their curated beauty section. When you search Fenty Beauty you see $50 foundation and $40 glosses.  Right off the bat, this raises a red flag because the foundation sells for $34 at Sephora, the gloss is $18.  Items priced too low or way above their normal pricing usually alludes to fakes. Again, Kylie Lip Kits are on Amazon and those have fake written all over them. Kylie Lip Kits are only on her website. Pro Tip: You can check a website’s verified retailers if you want to be sure.

I read reviews to before I buy a product to make sure it’s not a fake. I wouldn’t buy Olaplex on Amazon because I’ve heard a lot of people say they got fakes when I read reviews.  In the past, I didn’t get a fake but I proceeded with caution after. If you think it’s fake don’t risk it. If you’re extra cautious, stick to the stuff in the beauty tab, here. 

Look At Who’s Selling the Product

You also want to look at who’s selling/shipping the product. I have prime so I only stick with prime shipping products which helps to weed out the fakes. Here are the 3 options when it comes to shipping.

Ships and Fulfilled By While it’s not completely full proof this is your best bet and you can return it if it’s fake!  This means this item is in an Amazon warehouse and shipped to you by Amazon.

Sold By ‘Third party’ Shipped (or fulfilled)  by Amazon.  This is a little bit riskier.  Although I can attest that I have bought k-beauty products sold by a third party and shipped through Amazon and all has been good. That’s because it’s a $12 serum and people aren’t typically going to fake that.

Ships and Sold by ‘third party.’ Sold by a third party who ships the product directly to you. This is risky for fakes because Amazon isn’t shipping the product to you or regulating the product. That DOESN’T mean it’s always fake. Check the seller’s ratings and reviews.  But it’s the riskiest of the bunch that I usually steer clear of in exchange for better, more reputable websites.

GOOD! This is what a real product should look like. Read comments to fully check always! This one is sold by a third party and fulfilled by Amazon. It also ships with Prime.

GOOD! Look For Prime Eligible. If it’s not, I buy it somewhere more reputable.

BEST! This ships and is sold by Amazon. It also has a Professional Beauty stamp which makes it credible. This is generally the best bet and safest buy!

BAD! This primer has fake written all over it. It’s not prime eligible and ships and sells from a third party seller. It’s also $46 while the primer is officially $34 on the Fenty website and Sephora.

Best Beauty Buys

amazon prime

So enough with the lectures! You just kinda have to go with your gut to make sure you don’t get a fake. Here are all the goods that are best to buy on Amazon price and access wise! No fakes included.

Take a look at Amazon’s Luxury beauty page with their Featured brands. This is a good way to weed out fakes.

Jillian Dempsey Lid Tints  – $28

I could go blue in the face talking about Jillian Dempsey tints.   They’re amazing for light, editorial looking makeup.  They aren’t long lasting or pigmented so this product isn’t for everyone!   They’re unique, fresh-faced and on trend. Amazon is a verified retailer for Jillian Dempsey so you don’t have to worry about fakes.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion – $17 – This is 30% off today!!!

Mario Badescu is a feature luxury brand at Amazon making it a safer option.  I love the drying lotion for drying out pimples overnight.  It works and tons of celebrities rave about it. This is a verified brand on the Amazon luxury beauty page so shop there to avoid fakes.

Nurse Jamie Uplift Massaging Roller – $69

I love this for depuffing the face and stimulating circulation. It’ll smoothe lines and overall promote skin health, plump you up and make you look younger. This is a verified featured brand on the Luxury Beauty page. There are tons of fakes all over Amazon that are cheaper so beware or an option if you want to try! Not sure how it’ll work, though.

Avene Skin Recovery Rich Cream – $35 I’ve bought this on Amazon before so it’s not a fake.

I first tried this cream in the middle of my 2nd New England winter when my skin was lizard-ish, cracking off and hating me.  This cream revived my skin and moisturized tf out of it during a balmy winter to the point where I could still feel it on my skin when I woke up in the morning.  This cream is paraben, alcohol and fragrance-free.  I recommend it with every bone in my body for sensitive, dry skin.  It’s an amazing product and a holy grail for me. I can’t say enough good things! I will probably pick this up during Prime day!

Banilla Clean it Zero Cleanser. $19

This one is sold by a 3rd party, shipped by Amazon but you shouldn’t have problems with fakes. An awesome k-beauty product that sells out all the times because it’s that good. Koreans really emphasize a double cleanse with an oil-based cleanser followed up by a water-based one.  This removes all makeup and dirt off the skin to ensure clean skin and to help with acne and sebum. I use this to remove my makeup and it removes everything in one try, waterproof mascara included. It also lightly exfoliates the skin. I love this product and totally recommend it. It’s comparable to Clinique Take the Day off.  I prefer it!

Cosrx Goodies

Cosrx is all over Amazon and it’s a third party seller but fulfilled by Amazon. Everything that I have bought has been good. I find that if it’s more lowkey brand then you don’t have to worry about fakes.  Anything Chanel, Fenty, Kylie Cosmetics or hyped, expensive brands are cause for worry.

I LOVE the acne patches. I prefer these to the MB drying lotion. These last all night and work on upcoming zits while MB dries out popped zits.

I love this Snail Mucin also. It helps hydrating, fades dark spots and fine lines.  It does so much good and it’s easy to use.  Once you get over its snail slime consistency you’ll be incorporating it into your daily routine.

Gua Sha – $8

This tool is all over Amazon. It’s a jade or rose quartz facial massager so you don’t have to worry counterfeits.  It’s basically eastern medicine botox that’ll help with lymphatic drainage, anti-aging and plumping up the skin!

Honorable Mentions: Missha Sunscreen, Pixi Peel and Polish, Chateau LaBiotte Lip Tints, Smith and Cult Nail polishes, Thayer’s Witch Hazel. 

Here’s this strawberry wash off mask, on sale, that I talked about here!

Stila Glitter glow eyeshadows are the best glitters and 30% off!!!

Bioderma is 35% off. Best Micellar Water!!!

I love buying k-beauty on Amazon. That’s not as black and white when it comes to counterfeit or legit goods. I go with my guts and use the tips I gave you!

  • Read reviews to see if people got fakes.
  • Check seller and if it’s Amazon shipped.
  • Make sure it’s Prime eligible
  • Is the price right?
  • Does it sound fishy?

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