A Massive Beauty Review

I was trying to somewhat organize my beauty area the other day and I got distracted when I realized I have a lot of new products that I’ve tried that I haven’t officially shared with you yet! These are all products I’m trying that will likely make their way into future posts.  I’ve already loved and shared a few and some of them were just flops that I’m not loving. As for now, I have a massive beauty review for you and I mean massive sooooo lets get started.

RMS Uncover up concealer. – $36

The Glossier concealer didn’t work for me and this is v similar.   This is better because it’s still dewy and light coverage but it’s less dewy and has more coverage. If you’ve tried Glossier, you’ll know what I mean! This concealer is very skin-like and doesn’t look cakey.  I powder it with my Laura Mercier powder to keep it in place since it’s dewy and moves around.  I also like it for my dry undereye area! If you’re a low coverage, dewy babe you’ll like this.  If you like a beat face, stay away you’ll hate this.  It’s not for everyone, I’m loving it because it’s exactly the type of makeup I go for!

Biossance Gel Squalane Moisturizer  – $52

I got this in my Clean Beauty Sephora Favorites kit and I was excited to try a new moisturizer because it’s one of my favorite products to try. This has a very lightweight, gel consistency.  I have dry skin and after putting this on, it absorbs so quickly into my skin that it feels like I have nothing on.  I think oily skin babes would LOVE this!

Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisturizer – $48

This also was in the Clean Beauty Sephora Favorites kit I got recently.  This moisturizer has been on my wishlist for a while!  I was sad because when I tried it, it pilled with my serum and face oil.  I hate pilling and if you scroll down I talk about it more!  I absolutely hate it and while I got this to work after my serum and then putting the oil on top of this, having to change my routine to get it to not pill won’t work for me.  I will be passing on this and it’s quite sad because the texture, scent and consistency is a dream! I just have other moisturizers I can use in my routine that I know won’t pill.  I know some people love this, sadly it’s a no unless I try it again and it’s life-changing.

Marc Jacobs Omega Tan Bronzer – $49

I get the hype. This is amazing, it blends into the skin like a dream, the color is perfect — for me it’s not too orange, not to cool and it doesn’t make your face look muddy.  I like cream bronzers over powder because I think they look more like skin.  This doesn’t look like powder and sinks into the skin to look like a natural bronze.  So happy I got my hands on this bronzer, they hype is real and it’s true!

Loreal True Match Lumi Bronzer – $11

I got so excited when I found this because the drugstore really lacks good bronzers.  Aside from Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, which is more pricey at $15, there aren’t many drugstore brands that do bronzer.  I have the medium shade which is a little more orange, for reference the light shade is more neutral.  I’m tan enough so it looked fine on my skin.  It contains little gold shimmers that I thought looked big and like I wouldn’t like them but they actually are not detectable on the skin and it’s just a sheen finish that really looks skinlike. The bronzer isn’t too pigmented so you don’t have to worry about it being muddy.

This is a pretty bronzer and a good drugstore option if you like a shimmery ( I don’t want to say shimmery because it’s more like a sheen but you get me?) bronzer for an all over bronzy glow.

Urban Decay Born To Run Palette – $49

I just did an Instagram review on this today. What can I say, it’s a gorgeous palette with high-quality shadows that perform well! You can use this for a neutral or a colorful look and I have yet to see a palette like this and it’s anything but boring.  Best eyeshadow palette I’ve used in a while.

Marc Jacobs Hydrating Lip Gloss Tint – $28

This is gorgeous on its own as a gloss or as a lip topper.  It’s hydrating, glossy, comfy to wear and surprisingly lasts really long! I love it and I’ll be reaching for it a lot.  I have the shade Sugar, Sugar which is a great, everyday, nude lip option. The only complaint is it’s not retractable. You can only move it up not down which is just odd.

Jillian Dempsey Lid/ Cheek Tint. – $28

Obviously a new obsession. I’ve posted about it here and many times on Instagram so I’ll keep this short. Both are minimal products.  The lid tint only lasts about an hour on me.  The blush is my favorite!

YSL Touche Eclat Blur Primer – $52

I got this as a 100 pt perk at Sephora.  This primer is AMAZING.  I’m not a huge primer person since as you know I don’t wear foundation. I prime with moisturizer and liquid highlighter.  This primer is amazing for blurring pores, skin and making makeup last. I use this when I meet my face and it makes your face look flawless.  My friend told me I didn’t have pores when I was wearing this primer and then she went out and got it and is now obsessed.  It’s an amazing primer and it made me believe in the importance of primers.  It has a silicone-like texture that’s a little bit more liquid in consistency than the Smashbox primers — have tried those not a fan.  It’s pricey at $52 but you don’t need a lot of product and it makes your face flawless.

Verb Sea Texture Spray – $16

I have had really good luck with Verb hair products.  I love trying different texture sprays so this was sort of a must get for me.  I honestly was not a fan the first time I used it.  It made my hair sticky and tangled and I hate texture sprays that add stickiness rather than grit.  I even mentioned it in an Instastories or a Youtube video.

I was running late one day and grabbed it to spray on my hair for some oomph before leaving. I shook the bottle before spraying and I later realized how much I liked my hair!  It wasn’t sticky and it gave the perfect amount of grit.  Totally different experience from the first time when I used it. Whether I didn’t shake it enough the first time or the initial spray was bad, after using this for the second time I really like it and it’s my new go-to texture spray.

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter – $44

I mentioned this in my cream products for summer.  Just a great cream highlighter that’s the perfect bridge between natural and blinding which is exactly what I like.  It can be mixed into foundation for added glow or used as a primer for powder highlighter. Either way, it’s a stellar product and gives a gorgeous, movie star glow.

Kora Organics Noni Face Oil – $68

I’ve had this on my wishlist for a while!  Glow and oil? My kind of product. I got this in the Clean Beauty Sephora favorites set and I have been using it nonstop since.  It’s a thicker oil which I like at night time.  It’s great to use prior to gua sha-ing because it gives a slippery base for the tool to glide on your skin.  It gives a gorgeous glow and really hydrates the skin.  I think I may buy this once I finish up my YTTP super berry oil.  It’s a gorgeous, hydrating oil and I’m loving it!  If you’re dry I totally recommend! I think it would be too much for oily skin types and even normal skin types if you don’t like dewy skin.  I would pass on it if you’re acne prone.

Pixi Beauty Peel and Polish – $24

After searching for this product for like 6 months I finally found it in stock at Target.  I wanted this so badly because it’s supposed to be a gentler, cheaper dupe of Drunk Elephant Baby Facial.  Drunk Elephant has 25% AHAs – mostly glycolic acid which is a harsher acid while this has 6% lactic acid which is gentler and better suited for sensitive skin. Aka, me! Both are weekly chemical exfoliant treatments but for reference, Baby Facial is wayyyyy too strong for my skin.  It’s recommended for 20-minute use, I couldn’t even leave it on for 5 without it making my face red, raw and irritated.

If you’re like me and Baby Facial is too intense for your skin, GET THIS MASK. You wear it for two minutes and the results are glowing, fresh, baby soft skin. I’ll try to use this 2 times a week.  It makes your skin look so much better after you wash it off.  Definitely, recommend if you can’t use Baby Facial.

Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi – $36

I may even dedicate an entire post to this because that is how much I love it.  I’ve already talked about it on Instagram and it’s a mad love affair. I use this in sunscreen as my base with concealer and I’m obsessed with how it looks.  It looks like you have no makeup on and you just got back from the best vacation of your life.  It’s amazing for bronze and a glow.  I recommend mixing it in a moisturizer or SPF rather than using the product alone.  It’s also a great option if you don’t want to buy a darker foundation for summer. Just mix this in!  Plus, it’s an antioxidant day serum with vitamin E and D that will protect your skin from pollution while adding a bronze look. I love when products mesh skincare with cosmetic benefits and use.

Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen – $32

I did an in-depth review of this in my SPF post.  It’s worth another mention because this is an amazing face sunscreen that doesn’t feel like sunscreen.  I use it every day!  It’s a chemical sunscreen so you won’t get the traditional, sunscreen smell or the infamous white cast. It’s a clear texture and it blurs pores.  10/10 sunscreen!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask.   – $48

I’ve talked about this a lot on Instagram when I first bought this at its release and the hype was huge. My problem with this mask was that it pilled when I rubbed it in which is what you’re supposed to do.  Many people on Instagram, include the SF founder, reached out to me to tell me it’s an exfoliating mask and that it’s dry skin, not pilling.  Pixi Peel and Glow is an exfoliating mask. This is not.  It’s a nourishing, plumping mask and I wouldn’t even call it hydrating. It pilled because I rubbed it in and it couldn’t absorb into my skin.  Pilling is a pet peeve of mine and it grosses me tf out if I’m being completely transparent.  It’ll make or break a product for me.  Another complaint, while the peppermint extract makes it refreshing, it also made my skin red after using the mask.

I tried using this again as a mask and wiping it off with cotton and micellar water per recommendations, (instead of rubbing it in after) which helped with the pilling. Since then I have realized I like it better as an eye treatment to plump and nourish the under eye area!  It makes your undereyes look alive and plumps the eye area to get rid of all the tiny lines that everyone has. I leave it on for 10 minutes then wipe it off with a wet paper towel and bam, you look awake and refreshed.

Maybelline Master Blur stick – $9

I had high hopes for this as a replacement for the Nudestix tinted blur that I LOVE but just use up so quickly due to the small amount of product. Sadly, it’s not a replacement. This is good, not great and nowhere near as good or even similar to the Nudestix one.  It’s not as creamy and has way less coverage, let alone any. The shade range is shit.  I think there are 4 shades, a translucent, light, medium and I believe a tan.  You have to be lucky to get a match or use it as a primer under foundation and I don’t even think it would be very good at that. Sure it’s a good drugstore alternative for the price and product amount wise.  I just don’t like this as much as my Nudestix tinted blur.

I will hype this up though because the product/price ratio is bomb and way better than Nudestix.













  1. julietlylillyrose
    July 11, 2018 / 12:25 pm

    I love supergoop sunscreen. It’s one of the few that don’t break me out. And I’ve never tried anything from RMS beauty before. Is it an online exclusive brand?

    • blackberriesandsparkles
      July 11, 2018 / 1:11 pm

      Such a staple for me! And no it’s at some Sephoras / more boutiquey beauty stores. It’s a clean beauty brand that has the skin first mentality so it’s all dewy, light weight and low coverage product!

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