What’s In My Shower? – Let’s Talk Shower Beauty.


I’m totally into what I put on my face when it comes to makeup and skincare. I have dry, sensitive skin and that usually affects everything I buy. Same goes for my body!   Bath and Body Works scented shower gels?  Legit a body rash just thinking about it, hahah. I’m not as into body products..maybe because I just haven’t found something that would work for me that excites me, but I do have a thought process for what I buy. Here’s what’s in my shower! We’ll call it shower beauty. 

Bodywash. – It always varies.

Boring but I usually go with a creamy soap like Dove or Olay. This one is the Dove deep moisturize body wash. This works for me and doesn’t dry out my skin because it’s not too scented or dyed.  (Although fragrance is higher on the ingredients then I expected.) There are probably tons of better options for me out there but this is a good drugstore one.  I also love Johnson and Johnson baby soap when my skin is extra sensitive.  I love the scent too!

Would I buy this again? I mean I probably will because it’s easy and I’m 80% sure I got the multipack at Costco. LOL but I def should be on the lookout for something better.



Drybar Shampoo/Conditioner – $24 each.

I recently started using the Dry Bar Sake Bomb hydrating shampoo and conditioner.  I wash my hair 2-3 times a week so shampoo isn’t the biggest deal to me.  I also haven’t dyed my hair since December so I’m not worried about toning or color friendly shampoos.  I like this shampoo/conditioner duo but I don’t love it. I do love the smell but I feel like it doesn’t really do anything for my hair.  Basically, my hair feels the same. It’s not super hydrating but then my hair wasn’t too dry to start with.  It probably could be more hydrated though.  It doesn’t make my hair greasy but I don’t have that problem so that’s good. I hate nothing more than a shampoo that makes my roots greasy.  My only issue is that my hair still gets frizzy and I think this does nothing to help that.  So basically if a shampoo/conditioner could make my hair feel healthier-ish and not too frizzy I’d be happy.  That doesn’t seem like too much to ask right?

Don’t get me wrong, this shampoo/conditioner is good and it does the job but I would try something else when I finish it.

I want to try this Briogeo Superfoods shampoo/conditioner next. I hear people raving about it.  If I was blonde again I def would try the new Olaplex shampoo/conditioner.

Face Cleansers


So I have 3.

Sodium Sulfacetamide 9% & Sulfur 4.5% Cleanser.

This is a prescription facewash and it’s not aesthetically pleasing, nicely fragranced or bubbly. My skin had some issues in high school. It was way more sensitive, I would get acne, mostly cystic breakouts on my forehead from time to time and I had rosacea.  I will say I’m lucky and I’ve always had decent looking skin but itchy, sensitive, red and scaly skin is a bitch to deal with.  When I was dealing with those issues I stopped using everything scented and stuck with the bare minimum, clean, no-frills products and anything my derm prescribed.  This soap doesn’t smell very good and it doesn’t lather and create bubbles which I actually really enjoy.  But, it did help my skin with breakouts and sensitivity in high school.  If I have any bit of redness I can use this for a few days and it’ll be calmed.

So I have to say I am grateful to this basic-ass, no frill, boring cleanser. 🙂

Skinfood Black Sugar Strawberry Mask – $11.50

So this is technically a strawberry, exfoliator wash-off mask but I don’t use it as that.  It has little beads and strawberry seeds to remove the dry skin off your face. I use this to make my face smooth before I tan it. While I would honestly not advise physical exfoliation because chemical exfoliation works better and you risk getting micro tears that can disrupt the skin barrier.  I do like a physical exfoliator from time to time because I get dry spots or flaky skin and it feels nice to remove them.

This product is gentle and your skin feels hydrated after using it.  I use a little bit as a scrub on my face quite gently after I cleansed my face and it helps to keep my skin smooth, hydrated and it removed any leftover makeup. It’s k-beauty and cheap so that’s a win, win.  It’s also great if you’re going to tan your face.  I don’t go extreme but I like my face to match my body.  This scrub prior to tan drops mixed into a moisturizer is a great combo.

Banilla Clean It Zero Cleanser. $19

This is an amazing makeup cleanser.  Did you know one is sold every 3 seconds?  YA. It’s that good and it’s very hyped. I was pretty obsessed with my Clinique Take the Day Off Balm.  When I ran out I started using this and I like it better.  It’s an oil, cleansing balm that simply removes all makeup.  Even waterproof! You don’t need to scrub hard to remove your makeup and I can have all my makeup gone in one try.  (Clinique would take me a few tries.)  This product claims to be hydrating and gently exfoliate the skin with papaya extract and acerola extract. My skin is smooth so I would agree.  One of my favorite things about this is while it gets my contacts cloudy, it dissipates after I get out of the shower. With the Clinique balm, I had to take out my contacts after using it because I couldn’t see because they were saturated with the cleanser.

They recently changed the formula so instead of mineral oil, it has ester oil. There are some claims that mineral oil exacerbates acne. (In most skincare it’s the highest grade oil that’s highly refined so you’re fine.) Butylated hydroxytoluene (preservative) is gone and replaced with vitamin E acetate. It’s also free of alcohol, artificial coloring and parabens. This is a damn good cleanser and it won’t melt into the container.  I have the normal one and I have dry skin. They also sell a nourishing one, one for dry skin and acne prone skin.


face cleansers

Origins Detoxing Charcoal Body Scrub – $32

So I actually bought this at Tj Maxx thinking it was the face mask.  Totally wrong it’s the body scrub but I’ve actually been needing one and I’m not mad.  It has tons of microbeads which I love in body scrubs.  Big microbeads and tons of them.  Not liquid with a few micro beads mixed in. You get me? I also dig this because it keeps my skin moisturized which is not the case for all body scrubs. It feels like you’ve used a body oil after you wash it off.

The only problem is the scent. It smells like black licorice and I hate it.  It has clove and wintergreen in it and it’s the CLOVES. I actually really dislike the smell of cloves. But this is a good scrub, it was a happy accident and I am glad I have it.

St. Tropez Gradual Tanner – $25

This is a body tanner that you leave on for two minutes and then wash off in the shower to build up a tan or in-between tanning.  I LOVE St. Tropez self-tanning products. The tanning mousses that I have tried are amazing.  Especially the express one! Ahh but St. Tropez is expensive. I see St.Tropez at Tj Maxx a lot so I always buy it when I see it.  I got this wash thinking it would be amazing and it’s just ok. Maybe I got an old one since it was at Tjs but the packaging looks the exact same as the ones at Sephora.  It just really doesn’t do anything.  I don’t look tanner after using this and I even have the darker shade nothing.  Maybe you need to use it every day for a week to notice a difference but even after 3 days, I didn’t see a difference. So I would not recommend this, it’s sort of useless and just sits in my shower.

I do also want to point out that I do shave in the shower and I’m not a hairy monster. It’s not my favorite past time and I’m not good enough at it to share any tips with you. AKA I get ingrown hairs often! I also hate shaving.

Hair Masks, I don’t keep those in the shower but I use Olaplex 3. It’s amazing.  Face masks are always changing but I like the Bliss ones and I’m currently testing the Pixi Peel and Polish.

What’s your shower beauty?



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