My Favorite Cream Products For Summer

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Here I am to share my favorite cream products for summer with you!  In general, I would say that I prefer creams over powders.  I have dry skin and I think creams are better at achieving a more natural, dewy makeup look. If I’m doing a beat face I’ll stick with powders or layer creams with powders. Most creams turn to powder but even when they do, they don’t look powdery.

For summer I think creams are great because the weather tends to be hotter, more humid and stickier and creams last better in that type of weather.  Powders tend to melt off while creams sink into the skin.  They also let your skin breath more than a powder!

I have cream products for everything!  I love that I can use my finger and they’re all pretty much multi-use. (Um hi bronzer for definition in my crease) Let’s dive in!


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The cream de la crop whatever that means. LOL Bronzer is a must for me so I have some options.

Soleil Tan De Chanel – $50

This is a dream bronzer. It’s a big, cream pot o bronzer that rivals a hockey puck.  The color itself is a more warm bronze but it doesn’t look orange. It’s a cream but it dries down to more of a powder finish without that powder look.  Overall if you love bronzer or makeup in general and want to splurge go for this. Simply put, this is an amazing product.   It’s great for contour or bronzing the skin and there is nothing out there that’s even similar to this.

Nudestix Bondi Bae – $30

This is a cream, matte bronzer stick. I like this for contour or warming up the skin. Lately, it’s been my go too for the hollows of my cheeks to add color and some definition.  This product is easy to use all over and blends out with minimal effort. This is more matte than glowy and has no shimmer!

Milk Makeup Bronzer – $24

This again is another great cream bronzer stick. I love the chubby applicator and how easy this is to carry with you. It’s sold as a matte cream as in no shimmer but it will give you a glowy finish and blends really well into the skin!!

Compared to the Nudestix cream bronzer, I think this one is warmer while the Nudestix one is more neutral in color. Both are great cream bronzer sticks and I can honestly say I love both equally and I just reach for whatever I’m feeling that day.

You probably don’t need both unless you’re obsessed with cream products or bronzers. (Ahem me!) I will say the Milk one is only $24 and comes with way more product so it’s a better bang for your buck! Both are great options so if you’re unsure maybe swatch them and see which color looks more appealing.

LA Girl Concealer in Toast – $5

This is a great drugstore option for contouring and bronzing up the face! It’s actually a concealer that comes in tons of colors so its a  good option for color correcting, highlighting or contouring.  It has a brush applicator that I like because it’s easy to apply. The shade ‘toast’ itself is more of a mid-tone bronze color. I feel like this can work as a contour or a bronzer depending on what you enjoy. It also layers well with powder!



I’m not a blush person so I only have one product here but don’t take it lightly because it’s amazing.

Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint – $29

These blushes have a drier, cream formula which makes them great for applying and blending out.  The dry formula makes them less pigmented so you don’t have to worry about going overboard with product.  My thing with blush is I’m always worried that I’ll add too much and have bright pink cheeks. This product takes away those fears because it’s dry and leaves a gorgeous wash of color…say a tint?  The name is perfect and so is the formula. I have the shade ‘sunny’ and it honestly looks like a sunburnt which I enjoy because that’s perfect for a natural summer look. I apply mine with a beauty blender and that’s my favorite method.  A finger also works well if you want to build it up.


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Ciate Dewy stick -$26

I have this in the shade ‘glow.’ It’s a clear highlighting, balm and unlike anything I own!  It gives an intense glow because it’s basically like a clear lip balm but it looks more natural. How that sounds like it makes sense I’m not sure but it does because it’s a strip of sheen highlight, not glittery shimmer. If you like a glowy, dewy, wet highlight that’s not glittery, you’ll love this.  I also love it to layer over shimmer highlighters for more pop!

Colourpop Highlighter – $8

I’m all for the Colourpop super shock highlighters because they pack the punch but you can control how big of a punch with how much product and how you blend it in.  They’re extremely metallic but if you blend well then you can get a more natural highlight. They’re versatile and they make a mean inner corner highlight or eyeshadow.  I love being able to use my fingers with products and Colourpop’s super shock formula is great for that. ( I also have some eyeshadows to talk about!)  If you want a more minimal application, a sponge works great!

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter – $44

This product does a lot of good. It gives a movie star, post-vacation glow to your skin.  It also acts as a highlighter but blurs and doesn’t emphasize texture.  Like the name says, it’s a filter that makes the skin look radiant and healthy!  I have the shade 3, 4 could work for my skin too but 3 was all they had at Nordstrom.

I go in with this and apply it everywhere! It’s not too shimmery or greasy or oily which is hard to do with a liquid highlighter that you apply all over. I’m just so obsessed with this is I haven’t already sold you! This has minimal coverage so it brightens the skin and you can mix it with foundation for a glow!

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand – $38

This is different than the Flawless Filter because it has more of a wet glow on the skin and it has a different applicator. I actually hate the applicator because it’s a twist sponge tip.  If you don’t twist it close, product will leak out and I learned that the hard way.

I love these two CT highlighters because they don’t emphasize texture, they melt into the skin and they love the most gorgeous radiance that is never glittery or chunky.

Josie Maran Moonstone highlighter – $25

This is a different kind of cream highlighter because it’s not dewy. In fact, it’s more matte and it wears longer because of that.  This contains argan oil and it won’t emphasize texture which is nice. It has a pink, duo-chrome color which isn’t my go-to but it’s really pretty on the skin and it’s subtle. It’s not very balmy or creamy so it’s more difficult to apply.  With most creams, you warm it to apply it to the skin but this one doesn’t get warm. I use my fingers or just apply the product to my cheek as is and it’s simple, it’s pretty but it’s not miraculous or amazing.

If you want a subtle or non-dewy highlighter try this!!

Nudestix Illuminaughty. – $30

Now, this is a dewy highlighter.  Very dewy and sort of tacky feeling.  This shade is a holographic duochrome color but I have a hard time seeing the holographic part.  It just looks like a clear sheen on my cheeks.  It’s pretty but it doesn’t really show up or last.  I think a different shade would show up better on my skin! AKA I’ll get Hey honey next!


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I love an easy, shimmer, glossy eye in the summer! Actually all the time.  I like easy makeup that looks natural and effortless. I admire a beat face but it doesn’t give off an effortless look!

Colourpop super shock shadow. – $5

Like the highlighter, this shadow has a creamy consistency that works best when you use your finger to apply it.  It’s easy plus Colourpop makes the most pigmented, metallic- glittery shadows and they’re all gorgeous! You can use them alone or with matte shadows to create a full look.  My favorite shade is ‘lightning bug.’

Bite Beauty Multistick in Oyster Pearl – $24

I love this little stick for adding color and shimmer to my lid.  This is a purple, taupey color and its amazing for brown eyes!  I feel like everything is made to highlight blue eyes but what looks good on brown? The stick applicator fits right into the eye socket? lid? it’s easy to apply and all you need for an eye look! Since there is shimmer I get the tiniest hint of fallout but I don’t get too upset. I haven’t tried a primer but that could really help.

Missha Glossy Eye – $12

This is more of a wet, shimmer eye.  It has some fallout but you just use a finger to swipe it on so anyone can use it! It’s easy and it looks like you put effort without screaming. ‘I have 4 matte transition shades in my crease.’

Jillian Dempsey Lid Tint. – $28

I just posted about this on Instagram. It’s a shimmery, glossy lid tint that you apply with your fingers. Again not the longest last eye look but super editorial looking, pretty and EASY AF.

Natasha Denona Chrome Top Coat – $28

This is a shimmery eyeshadow pot that leaves a metallic, sheen overlay to the eye. I like to apply bronzer on the lid then go in with this on top.  I use very little so it’s a wash of shimmer but I’m pretty sure you can make it full on foiled if you use a wet brush. It’s not the creamiest, most pigmented formula out there, think more like a shadow topper!


I love concealer in a pot that I can apply with my fingers!! Fingers a trend… Here are two versions; a lighter dewy one and more full coverage one.

RMS uncover up concealer. – $36

This is a step up from the Glossier concealer because it’s not as dewy and it has more coverage.  Still very dewy and lighter on coverage compared to other concealers. I love it because it’s non-cakey and very skin like! I do set this because it’s dewy and wet and will move around.  It’s great for lowkey, makeup and it doesn’t look cakey. RMS is an indie, clean brand so you’ll still get the trend and aesthetic of Glossier with more coverage and bouj.

Nars soft matte concealer. – $30

My other go-to concealer in a pot except this one has better coverage.  Think medium to full.  Don’t let the matte claim scare you, this is more of a skin-like finish and it’s really pretty and flawless on the skin.  Nars does amazing concealers so this one is no different!  I actually like this better for redness or my under eyes.  I don’t like it on blemishes, I prefer a wetter formula so I use my Tarte Shape Tape for that.

These concealers are opposites but I love them both for different reasons.

Here’s my latest SPF post to pair with your cream products for a perfect summer makeup look!






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