Beauty Fails — Products That I Won’t Repurchase

beauty fails

I’m all about telling you what beauty products worked for me and what I recommend, but I really believe that it’s important to also share what beauty products didn’t work for me.  My beauty fails.

Now beauty products are personal preference and what doesn’t work for me may be awesome for you. That’s because we all have different skin and look for products to help our varying skin needs! I’m going to share what didn’t work for me / stuff that I won’t repurchase. If anything that I mention works for you, keep using it!

The stuff I’m mentioning isn’t all horrible products. A lot of it is stuff I wish I didn’t purchase, to begin with, because it’s not something I use often or love more than what I already have. For example, I mention a bronzer and it’s not a bad bronzer I just have like 5 bronzers above it that I enjoy way better.

Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Eye Cream – $36

This eye cream is sold as a brightening eye cream and I really just didn’t get that. It’s definitely hydrating and it’s nice to wear under makeup but it did nothing for my dark circles. I get that nothing will completely fix dark circles but I didn’t even get a subtle improvement with this product. I see this more as a primer rather than a brightening eye cream.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum -$20

So haven’t had the best luck with Ole Henriksen.  This is supposed to be a brightening and hydrating anti-aging serum.  Like the eye cream, I get the added hydration but I didn’t notice any brightening.  It felt nice on my skin but after using it for a month, nothing looked different. I don’t see this as being worth the money for a serum because it just really didn’t deliver for me. I know this is a fan favorite among many but I didn’t get that.

I love Drunk Elephant c-firma for brightening because it’s effective and works rapidly. This just really can’t compare. So maybe I expected it to be like the DE serum but it’s not even half as effective. I would not recommend this serum.

Glossier Stretch Concealer – $18

I had a very bad reaction to this concealer. I applied it all over and my face got hot, red and very flushed. Almost like my skin couldn’t breathe with this product on! I left it on for 20 minutes until my face was almost on fire and I had to wash it off.  It left my face really red.  Not sure what happened, I feel like my skin couldn’t breathe while wearing this.

The coverage also isn’t great and I don’t like the shade range. I got medium and it was way too light for me.  It was also too pink.

I recommend the RMS uncover concealer instead.  It’s very similar in that it’s in a pot and very dewy.  The RMS offers more coverage and it’s not as greasy as Glossier. It also offers more shades, like 2, the shade range isn’t great either but I found a good match for my skin. I’m shade 33.

Glossier Solution – $24

I was so excited to try this when it came out because an affordable acid lauching with positive, real people reviews?  Hard to come across.  I was already using Paula’s Choice liquid 2% BHA before trying Solution so my skin was exposed to an acid in my routine and reacted well to it.  While we’re on it, I recommend Paula’s Choice acid 10000xs over the Glossier one. When I used the Glossier one it burned my skin and wasn’t as good with my sebaceous filament management like the Paula’s Choice one is.  In lay man’s terms, I had more texture on my nose when I used Solution.

I ended up stopping my use after 2 weeks because it freakin burned my skin and I never experienced that with Paula’s Choice.  I read great reviews and really bad reviews that claimed Solution sprouted breakouts all over their face. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to try it again. I do but I’m scared it’ll f up my skin!

Hadanomy Collagen moisturizer – $10

I got this Japanese moisturizer to try and see if it was a good option for my upcoming skincare routine on a budget post. (Which is coming! I just want to try something from each category that I recommend!)  It’s a lightweight cream that works at night or under makeup.  It’s not horrible, it’s just very strongly scented of roses and I don’t like putting something so fragranced on my face. I have sensitive skin and it makes me nervous.  The cream isn’t bad, it’s just not something I reach for and I have many creams that I prefer to use over this.

I feel like this could work for a lot of different skin types. Not a full-blown fail and I think it could be a good cream for some people, it’s just not my favorite.

Tony Moly Eye Brightening Treatment $12

Another attempt for brighter under eyes. I just don’t see it with this product.  My dark circles are still there. I do see a difference if I apply this over concealer. But this is a white, stick treatment that goes on like an eye cream. So not really supposed to use it like that! It’s odd and it moves around your concealer. It comes in a cute panda applicator so I’m gonna say it’s more cutesy than effective. Some of you commented on an Insta post telling me you loved it but sadly I didn’t get that!

I think this could work for some I just think I have pesky dark circles. LOL

Essence Bronzer – $4

I don’t think there is a good drugstore bronzer on the market. I got this Essence one to try and see if it could be a good option because I’ve had good luck with Essence products. It’s not a bad product but it’s a very orange bronzer. I’m dark enough so it doesn’t look too orange on me but if you’re fairer then me it sure will. Like a full blown orange. This isn’t a horrible bronzer and I’ve used it a few times but it’s just not something I reach for or something I would buy again.

Ouai Anti Frizz Sheets – $18

This concept of this is great! I have very frizzy hair and while this works, it makes my roots greasy! So it solves one problem and adds another. I don’t use them anymore since I HATE greasy roots.  It’s a shame and I won’t repurchase.

Colourpop Lux Cream Lipsticks – $7

I impulsively ordered 3 of these lipsticks right when they launched.  I have worn one once and haven’t touched them since. These lipsticks are gorgeous and pigmented but SO dry. Such a dry matte-like formula and they emphasize every little line.  I don’t like matte lipsticks and for a cream, these are very matte and dry.  I don’t get it because if you told me to try it on without knowing anything I would say they’re 100% a matte. I hear people rave about them but even after priming my lips they’re too dry for me. I even get the white, crusty line on my lips when it wears off.

I want to try these again with a gloss because the color is pretty but it will be a lot of effort to make them work!

Here’s an old post on products I didn’t like, here. 

What is your beauty fails? Lemme me know down in the comments!


  1. June 26, 2018 / 8:11 pm

    I agree with you on the Ole Henriksen and Ouai products. I’ve tried multiple Ole Henriksen products with rave reviews, but none of them seem to really work for me, and the Ouai anti-frizz sheet is a great idea, but it kind of flattens my already limp hair, lol. Thanks for sharing!

    Sockwun |

    • blackberriesandsparkles
      June 26, 2018 / 8:51 pm

      omg twins! you’re not the first person who agrees with me on the Ole Henriksen stuff either! I don’t get the hype or maybe I just haven’t tried the right product.

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