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2018-06-11 22:15:55.721
Shouting out the Cane and Austin Acne Retexture Pads. 
So story time, I tried these in the past and really loved them. They’re comparable to the Dennis Gross peel pads but gentler and can be used daily.  I was at TJ Maxx and saw these on clearance for $20. Note they’re $70-$80 on Sephora. I, of course, had to scoop them up because so cheap and I loved these in the past.  I drove to another TJ Maxx, (I was hunting for Too Faced bronzers) and I found it again, on clearance for $10!!!! You bet I walked back to my car, got the $20 one and exchanged it for the $10 one!
What I realized after buying these was that Cane and Austin do a bunch of different version of these pads. There’s a retexture, an acne, and a miracle. They all have glycolic acid and the acne ones have salicylic acid as well. So AHAs and BHAs. The AHAs – glycolic acid will help dull, aging skin along with hyperpigmentation.  The BHAs – salicylic acid will help to combat acne and unclog pores.
You get the benefits of both with the acne version and it’s pretty awesome.  I also will never say no to blackhead prevention.
You can also purchase different versions with varying % of glycolic acid and salicylic acid. I have always had sensitive skin, but this is the strongest version and I use it nightly with no problem. Maybe my skin is getting tougher honestly. (knocks on wooooood.) I do go through phases where I have to completely simplify my skincare routine because less is more. Ok, back to these face pads!
So I realized in the past, I tried the miracle pads. I didn’t know there was a difference when I got the acne version.  I don’t have acne besides the typical breakup here and there. I was hesitant to use these, worrying they’d be too harsh for my skin.  I tried to introduce them slowly into my routine and I’m all in now and have been loving these pads!! My skin is smooth, I have noticed my dark spots fading, I haven’t had any breaks outs, my skin isn’t dry or irritated and it works well with my other skincare.  I also use these nightly!!! I cut them in half too because their big and pretty saturated with product.
I’m telling you about these because they offer chemical exfoliation which everyone needs in their life while helping dull, aging skin and dark spots and can unclog pores.  This product has really helped with my dark spots from past acne. (Along with Drunk Elephant c-firma.) Some people have asked me for a cheap remedy to remove dark spots and while I’m not there yet, this is a great option that does a lot for your skin.


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