Summer Contour

I’ve talked about my favorite contour products, here, in the past! I’m not huge on contour — I just don’t find it necessary for every day and reserve it more for a full face.  But with that being said I appreciate it from time to time! I especially like to keep my makeup lighter in the summer, so that’s where a summer contour comes into play.  I think of a summer contour as a bronzed, dewy, highlighted, snatched sort of face. Here’s what I’m using for that!
Too Faced Chocolate Bronzer In Medium/Deep. So this is the only actually contour I’ve been doing. I used this to bronze my face the other day and then I went in with an angled brush to contour and it was the most gorgeous contour ever!! This bronzer is a little deeper, not to warm or cool and just perfect for chiseling the cheekbones. Warning — it’s very pigmented so too much product can look muddy.  Overall I really like this bronzer! It’s a gem for contour.
It’s also on sale for $10 at Nordstrom Rack.
Isle of Paradise Tan Drops in Medium. I want tan skin year round but especially in the summer! This is great for tanning your face without exposing it to the sun. All you do is just add some drops to your moisturizer and voila. With that being said I’ve struggled with this product before. The directions advise 1-12 drops. I absolutely disagree. The most you can get away with without being an orange, blotchy mess is 5-6. You must exfoliate well with this product or it will stick to everything.  Even chap lips!  Also wash your hands very well after. This goes for any tan but this is drops so their extra concentrated and I tell you to move with caution! Strong self-tanner is a double edge sword.
Ciate Dewy Stix. This product is insanely amazing.  It’s just a clear, dewy stick to add sheen to your skin. It wears as an insanely blinding highlight but is natural. It’s really everything I could ever want! It’s a tad tacky once you apply it but it wears very well and lasts longer than I expected. It’s an awesome product and if you love dewy skin, you need this in your arsenal.
Bliss Dewy Moisturizer. This moisturizer is awesome for an all over sheen as a primer or base before makeup. It has pink duo-chrome shimmers in it that really make the skin glow. It rubs out clear so this can work for every skin tone. This really reminds me of the Glam Glow Mega illuminating moisturizer. I have both and this is a dupe! It’s also a little lighter and I have been reaching for this over the Glam glow one.  This is $16 while Glam Glow is $50 so def go with this.
Solaris Gua Sha. This is a gua sha made for lymphatic drainage in your face. With the drainage, your face will look more snatched. It’s not going to take you to Kim K level cheekbones and snatch but it will really just depuff the face. I like it and it’s really good to just drain the bad stuff out of your face and skin! It’s summer so I’m eating chips and guac, burgers and drinking with friends so I’ll take some depuffing.
Trader Joes Argan Oil. I got this because it’s $6 and I love an oil. This is a good oil and it’s legit! The only ingredient is organic argan oil. I compared it to the Drunk Elephant Marula oil and its just a hint thicker and this has a scent. I know their different oils but it could be an awesome replacement and cheaper oil for your routine. Compared to Josie Maran Argan oil they both are made of organic argan oil and feel very similar and comparable. This oil is $6.99 Josie Maran is $48. This is a great oil, comparable to a high-end version and a fraction of the price. I def recommend this! 🙂
Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand. This highlight is just gorgeous and dewy on the skin.  It’s more natural because of its a liquid instead of a powder but its very strong and intense. It’s really gorgeous on skin because it melts in but pops!


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