May Favorites! + a YouTube video

May Favorites are here 🙂 I have a video talking about my May Favorites, here. I talk about all of these in my video but I wanted to do a quick overview on here!
Bioderma Micellar Water (not pictured) This is hands down, my favorite micellar water. It removed everything, its non-drying, gentle and never leaves a greasy residue.
Knours Skin Meditation Gel. I used this after traveling when my face was irritated and red. I have sensitive skin so this happens a few times a month from allergies, travel or new products I’m trying. I used this cream before going to bed and when I woke up the next morning my skin was totally calmed down and soothed. its great for soothing skin and I use it whenever my skin is feeling extra sensitive. It has a gel formula so it’s soothing and cooling.
Dr. Jart Cicapair drops. I love these drops and use them daily with a concealer. They cancel out redness and add a glow to the skin.  I use these after I apply moisturizer/sunscreen and they all layer very nicely. The drops are lighter but don’t cover as much as the cream. I prefer these for everyday use with makeup.
Youth to the People Super berry oil. I adore this oil. Its super hydrating and melts into the skin very quickly. I use it day and night and it layers well with everything else that I use. It has a tropical / kiwi smell and I’m loving it.
Bliss Rich moisturizer for dewy, radiant skin. I love this moisturizer as a base before makeup because it has shimmer flecks.  The cream is white with pink shimmer but on skin it just looks like a sheen and glow. These are $16 and they are a dupe for the Glam Glow mega illuminating moisturizer. Both are a shimmery moisturizer to prime skin before makeup for a dewy, radiant base.
Soelil Tan de Chanel bronzer. I adore this bronzer. It’s a cream formula and it wears so nicely on the skin. It melts into skin and I find that this bronzer is hard to go overboard with because it blends so easily and it never looks muddy. There is nothing like this product out there, I love it and its a classic staple. It’s also massive.
Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer. I love this concealer and I just went back to using it after a while.  ( I was exclusive to this all through high school!) It has good, medium to full coverage and doesn’t dry like Shape Tape. It’s just a perfect everyday concealer. Its one of my top 3 concealers. Also, love the Soft matte concealer. Nars knows how to do a kick-ass concealer.
Nudestix Tinted Blur. If you follow my Instagram you know I have a mad obsession with this product. It’s AMAZING. It’s low, light coverage blurs imperfections and looks like a filter on your face. I’m obsessed. The only issue? Barely any product. I’m almost out and I haven’t owned it for a month and I use it 4 times a week.
Bobbi Brown Lipstick in Sazan Nude. This is the best lipstick I’ve ever used. It’s hydrating, comfy and stains the lip nicely. This is the perfect nude, blotted lip, post popsicle kind of lipstick. It’s amazing.
Peach slices Acne dots. The best treatment for zits that I’ve tried. Their like little stickers you just stick it on a zit and it will honestly suck the life out of it. They’re around $4 and I prefer them over Mario Badescu.
Shisedo Eye lash curler. The best eyelash curler ever. Pro-tip get one that’s for the shape of your eye to avoid pinching. This is for my eye shape and when I say it’s life changing I MEAN IT.
All the links are in the bio for my video. 😉 SO go check it out / really don’t want to link these all over again. 🙂
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