Mascara Diaries

This post has been cooking for so long and I’m glad it’s finally up! Mascara is a huge part of my makeup routine! My dream makeup is long, wispy, defined and volume lashes with a glowy, bronzed light-makeup face. That’s why it’s my dream, lol.  I LOVE dramatic lashes, volume, length, curl all of it…I also like to go natural with the rest of my makeup so my lashes really need to make a pop. I did have lash extensions for like 6 months and ended up stopping because the maintenance was a lot to keep up with so since then I’ve been on the hunt for the best mascaras.  I use mostly high-end makeup but a lot of my favorite mascaras are drugstore! Let’s take look.
Disclaimer: If I wear it on my bottom lashes I’ll get a hint of smudging because I get oily around my eyes. I find that this happens with every mascara so I don’t get too upset.
I wear around 3-4 coats of mascara. I go ham with it so take that into consideration when you look at the photos. It’s more mascara than 1-2 coats.

ESSENCE MASCARAS – We have to take a moment of silence for Essence mascaras because they are all under $5 and are seriously amazing. Some of my favorite mascaras out there.  I say they have a semi-waterproof mascara because they aren’t technically waterproof but you need a micellar water or a makeup remover to completely remove them versus a traditional mascara that should come off with warm water.
They also have a wetter formula.
I will say Essence because they’re so cheap, don’t have the best packaging as evidenced by the paint peeling off the product.
This is my ALL TIME FAVORITE mascara. It lengthens and defines like no tomorrow and makes your lashes wispy while still adding some volume. It also holds a curl well.  Out of all the Essence mascaras, this one wears the best on me all day.  LOOK AT MY LASHES. It’s not the most volumizing but it makes your lashes look so long that it makes up for it. It’s my favorite mascara.
I recently got this to compare to the other lash princess because it’s supposed to be better. It’s good but not my favorite and I like the other lash princess better. This one is thick and adds volume but is much more clumpy. The two are just different and comes down to preference.
This Essence mascara was my favorite before I found my favorite lash princess volume.  This one is more volumizing, comparable to falsies imo. BUT, it can get a little clumpy and shed product if you layer on too much. Still a favorite of mine! But this one can smudge a little bit more because it’s way more volumizing than defining.
I think this mascara really looks like extensions because they’re wispy and there aren’t empty spaces between the lashes. That being said, I miss my lash extensions but this isn’t my favorite mascara. It’s good but I have some other Essence ones I prefer more. These are great for wispy, full lashes. Not the most lengthening or defining but it still does lengthens and it adds good volume at the root. Again, this one can clump and you can have some product fall out. You can use less mascara to avoid that, I just want the most dramatic wear out of my mascara.
This isn’t my favorite Essence mascara. I find that my lashes fall, I get product fallout and it just really doesn’t compare to the other Essence Mascaras I have imo. I also don’t see the tremendous volume its supposed to have. I think the two-volume stylist versions above offer more volume.

I loved this mascara for a while. I like the way it adds length and volume while still holding a curl. My lashes used to have a hard time holding a curl and this was one of the first mascaras that kept it curled. This may be the waterproof version but the label is non-existent — that is the drugstore for you BUT this is a good drugstore option that adds length and volume without clumping together lashes.
This is my favorite Maybelline mascara since they have so many out there. Total Temptation is lackluster compared to the rest of these which is why it didn’t make it to this post — I didn’t want to put it on again. It’s not terrible I just like what these mascaras do for my lashes better. And, the pink and green mascara broke me out in the past.
This is a great mascara staple! I’ve actually blogged about it before, here! This reminds me of a better version of the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara. I mean the bottle and brush are sooo similar. I really dislike the BTS so this mascara is really awesome to me. It lengthens, adds volume and still defines lashes. This is the waterproof version which I can totally count on to keep my lashes curled all day. It’s a pretty mascara and there’s an air of wispy-ness that it has. This is the best mascara you can buy at the drugstore imo.

I have a soft spot for this mascara because I started wearing this in 8th grade, first mascara, and used it all through-out high school. I was searching my stash and found a sample of it to use in the blog post and I need to go get a full size. It’s my favorite Benefit mascara because it just defines and lengthens insanely well. I love this mascara, I do and its one of my favorite high-end mascaras.  Personally, it’s just my kind of lash — long and wispy.
Milk Makeup Kush mascara. I recently got this and have been using it nonstop. I like the volume it adds to my lashes though looking at the picture it doesn’t look like it offers tremendous length or definition. This one can smudge on me if I have it on for a while, especially on bottom lashes. I’m not sure why I love this so much but it applies nicely and it’s not a mess to wash off. The word gentle comes to my mind when I think of this mascara but it doesn’t look gentle.
If you look at the brush there is excess product. This mascara can clump, beware and its because the brush holds too much product and its a wetter formula.
Buxom Big Tease. This mascara confuses me because this picture is from the first time I ever wore it and my lashes look amazing; length, definition and volume which seems impossible. The second time I wore it they fell and the mascara miserably crumbled off and smudges. I’m not sure what to think because I didn’t use it after that.  I mean Buxom isn’t known for mascara but this picture makes me want to play with it some more.
This mascara is a flop. I have two coats on here because a 3rd coat is the kiss of death that’ll leave you looking like you have 4 singular lashes. That’s right, tarantula city. This is the clumpiest mascara ever, it flakes off and smudges and my lashes fall within the hour of applying it. I will say it does wear nicely with lash extensions and it comes off easily.
Lancome Monsieur Big. This is a classic, high-end mascara. I love it because this too lengthens and adds volume without being too clumpy. If I had to recommend a high-end mascara, this would be it. It’s consistently good and when I need a good mascara for a nice occasion or a nice out I go for this.

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