The Best Summer Lip

Nars recently came out with a new Orgasm collection featuring some new products in their famous orgasm hue. They released a lip balm, a loose, illuminating powder and a jumbo orgasm collector blush.  Nars Orgasm is a perfect color year round, but especially in the summer! It’s warm, fun and very flattering to many.  A lip balm is a perfect release for summer and I’m going to be living in it!
Here’s the lip balm, it retails for $28 at Sephora.  It’s hydrating, sheer and super comfy to wear! It has no scent and really nourishes the lips.  I expected more shimmer since orgasm is a shimmery color but I love it just as is.  I think I wouldn’t like it as much with shimmer actually.  This isn’t too long lasting, maybe an hour or so? But it somewhat stains the lips so you have some color still there.
I would buy this product again because it’s so flattering, so easy and comfy! I stray from anything with massive amounts of effort like a liquid or matte lip. Fun fact I’m horrible at lining my lips / applying lipstick so I love balms and glosses because they’re much more forgiving.
Here’s it on my lips. I’m completely obsessed! It’s a pinky-peach that pulls more pink.
I’m eyeing the loose, highlighting powder in orgasm! As messy as loose powders are I would be lying if I said I didn’t want it. I’d wear it as a highlighting blush with bronzer and it’d be a great summer look.


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