NY Diary!​ Summer 2018

Hi All!
If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll know I was in New York last week.  I was there for a graduation but I had some free time to fill with shopping and eating.  It doesn’t take a lot to make me happy…maybe it does hahah…but a Sephora and guac is a quick ticket to get there!  One of the highlights of my trip was going to the bite beauty lip lab!!! You get to make your own bite beauty lipsticks and I 100% recommend it. I did it with family and it was awesome and it was a hit! I love beauty and my family isn’t as into it but we ALL wear lipstick so it was awesome for everyone! It doesn’t get better than being able to create your own shades!
I vlogged my week in NY so that should be up soon!
Here are all the pigments! Pretty to look at but is it just me or shouldn’t this be covered because…dusty!?!
They pair you with a consultant to mix your colors.  Here’s goldilock’s I mean my mom’s! 🙂 They’re pretty patient and you try on every color and get to tell them what you want to add.
Here’s MINE!! I went with the first and the fourth shade. I tried to add some color so I did a sheer coral and of course, a brownish nude. SO happy with my shades. They also have different finishes and scents to choose from that you add to the lipsticks.
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Dress is F21 but can’t find it online. // Fanny Pack is freep…Free People! Shoes are sole society!
I did go for a graduation, NYU’s graduation so here’s one of my outfits! I’m so obsessed with wrap dresses. Also my fanny pack I’m dead for it. I LOVE it. It makes every outfit chicer.
I’m so @$#@$ pale! I want to try this tanner.
oo35mm!!! The go-to spot for K-Beauty in NY. It’s in Soho in the heart of Chinatown right on Canal street. It’s the size of a closet and stuffed to the brim with product but a great spot for k-beauty.
Jeans are Topshop and YES my grandparents did ask me if I got them onsale.
Here’s me pretending I’m a hypebeast. Also, I’m denim on denim’s biggest fan….and my fanny pack’s.


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