Fave Contour Products

I’m about 4 years too late but I have been really into contouring!! It’s definitely not part of my everyday routine, I like it for nights out, pictures or when I’m just in the mood to look more beat.
I really appreciate the value of contouring my forehead!!! I have a big forehead, a 5 head so I always make sure to add some bronzer up there if my hair is up for some kind of foreheard minimizing. If you watched Rihanna’s 10 minute going out makeup look she swears contouring!  She does her forehead and a triangle under her chin to down her neck to manage the double-chin. That’s a trick I haven’t heard of before and I tried it and it works pretty well.
You can contour with bronzer! I like to use a cream contour and then go in with powder bronzer. Most people recommend contouring with a cool tone bronze. Its all about preference and what you like on your skin. I like a cool tone contour if I want a chiseled look. I like a warm tone contour if I want my skin to look warm and my bronzer to wear longer.
The Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder. This is amazing for contour!  I use this after I bronze the face on my cheekbone hollows, forehead and nose.  A little goes A LONG way. It’s smooth, buttery and it’s more cool toned but never grey.  I have the color dark and I’m a medium skin tone. I could use the medium one but I like the dark for extra oomph.
Morphe Brontour. This is my favorite bronzer at the moment. It features a contour side and a bronzer side and I mix the two. If I feel like adding some definition I’ll dip my brush on the contour side. This is amazing!! It’s $12 and everyone needs it. It’s gorgeous and it has a soft glow to it. OB-SESSED.
Nudestix Bondi Bae.  This is a mid-tone cream bronzer. I like to use it on its own for lighter makeup days but you can totally set it with cream.  If you’re new to contour I recommend something like this. Creams seem scary but they’re so easy to blend if you use too much. The applicator makes it really easy to carve our your nose and cheekbones too.
Milk Cream Bronzer. I love this warm cream bronzer. You can use it bronze or contour. Its warmer so it leaves my skin more bronzed looking than contoured. I love this so much and its great for beginners, bronzer lovers and cream junkies alike!
Kevyn Aucoin Contour Wand. This is awesome because it’s SO buttery and easy to blend.  This is a cool tone contour so its perfect for a chiseled face.  It’s not too grey which I love. Kevyn Aucoin makes awesome contour products.
LA Girl Pro conceal in Toast. This is a great drugstore contour option. Any darker concealer will work but I love the chiseled look this gives and the brush applicator. It’s not too cool toned but it can still leave you super chiseled looking!


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