New stuff in the rotation!

I’m in the midst of finals so forgive my lack of posting this week! I’m pretty active on Instagram, though. Here are a few products I’ve started using and loving lately.  There are some older ones that I started using again in the mix too.  These aren’t my April favorites, but I want to start doing monthly favorites again. I go home for summer next week so if I start feeling super ambitious and less of a scaredy cat maybe I’ll even do a video.
My whole routine now is so light and airing on the side of I could give a shit… I really could but I still like beauty so it has to be some type of elaborate routine.
Youth To The People Superberry hydrate + glow oil.  That is a looooonnngggg name.  I love face oils for many reasons; they’re hydrating, and they make your skin look dewy so basically whats not to love?  Maybe if you’re oily nothing but I’m dry, so I have lots of love for face oils.  I was actually surprised by this one because its very light and absorbs really quickly into the skin.  This isn’t a bad thing!  I just have a few more oils that I love with a thicker consistency, so that’s what I expected for this. I’ve been wearing it at night time with moisturizer and in the morning under makeup.  Personally, I could go with a thicker oil at night because I’m dry but this is hydrating enough! Its great for under makeup.. which is scary to a lot of people but it absorbs so quickly and makes you dewy. This is an effective everyday oil, and it smells amazing! Sort of like a tropical kiwi.
Mario Badescu cucumber and aloe spray.  I’ve always loved this and I’ve gone back to using it as a hydrating mist and setting spray.  This is my favorite scent.
Dr. Jart. Cicapair drops.  If you like the Dr. Jart Cicapair cream you’ll love this.  It’s a lighter, serum-like consistency that cancels out redness. I will say this isn’t as full coverage as the cream which is good and bad.  The cream has full coverage with SPF which is what I like BUT it has a noticeable white cast that it leaves to the skin. The drops are lighter, add a dewy finish but aren’t as full coverage or have SPF.  I love the drops since I can cancel out redness without looking paler. The drops also layer very well with sunscreen and makeup.  I use the drops and then layer over them with sunscreen and concealer. If I’m really red I’ll use a hint of the cream for extra help! I like the drops more since I can still look tan.  I think they’re a great, lighter option for summer!
DE Umbra tinte. I’ve talked about this sunscreen before. It has a slight tint and sheen that it adds to the skin. It’s my favorite and I don’t even have a desire to try other sunscreens because I love this one so much.
Super Goop SPF setting spray.   I wish more brands would come out with something like this. It’s a great concept if you don’t like the feeling of sunscreen and its great for reapplying throughout the day. The smell is a little chemically.  It’s cooling on the skin but not refreshing like other sprays. It’s a spray sunscreen so expect that.
Tarte Shape Tape.  I always go back to this concealer because it’s so good.  I love the full coverage since I don’t wear foundation or bb cream.  I will say, I think it can look cakey with foundation if it’s not sparingly used! It can also a tad drying so I have to prep my skin for it and sometimes I can’t use it under my eyes.  Why do I love it? Its full coverage, easy to blend, it matches my skin and it has a skin-like finish. It’s just the perfect concealer and its a staple in my collection that I always go back too.
Nudestix Bronzer in Bondi bae. I love cream bronzers and this one is no different.  It has a more orange bronze tone but it doesn’t look orange when you apply it.  It’s good for warming up the skin and it’s easy to blend.
Bobbi Brown crushed lipstick in Sazan Nude.  Everyone needs to own this! Its the perfect nude color that looks like your lips but better. It has a stain, blotted look to it and that’s super flattering and my favorite kind of lip.  It’s SO comfortable and creamy to wear.  I LOVE it.


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