The tea on some hot new products!

Hi all! Here to share my thoughts on some hyped up, new, makeup releases. We have the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask which is huge in the skincare/blogger community since blogger Marianna Hewitt created it. Then we have the Milk makeup serum stick, a Morphe bronzer and some new influencer releases.  I’ve had pretty good luck with all of these products so here. we. GO!!
Nars Fort de France highlighting powder. I didn’t need more highlighter… I never do but I made an exception because this one is so smooth and gorgeous on the skin! Its more subtle, lit from within and far from being in your face and blinding. I’m over intense highlight! This doesn’t emphasize texture and it melts into your skin with a setting spray.  Nars makes the smoothest highlighters in the game and this one is awesome. I will say you really benefit by using setting spray to get rid of the powder look.  Would I buy again? Absolutely!
Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.  I love a vitamin c serum ever since I first tried Drunk Elephant C- Firma. Is this as good as DE? No. This is sorta hydrating and feels nice on skin but personally I feel like this doesn’t do anything really for my skin. It all looks the same. I wouldn’t buy again and DE c-firma majorly wins for brightening.
Natasha Denona chrome lid pot. I love this for a subtle eye shimmer/ easy eye look.  Its so easy and you can use your finger to apply it.  I haven’t used this for an intense all glitter eye so I don’t think its the product for that but its great for subtle shimmer and color to the lid. Would I buy again? Yes, I want the brown/lavender iridescent flip one!
Flower Beauty Concealer. This is a good concealer but the color is off. The range isn’t great. This is light medium and its a bit too yellow/green for my skin!  I’m pretty yellow too.  I love the coverage this offers and how easy it is to blend.  Itwears for a while on the skin if you spot conceal on blemishes or undereyes. It’s not a good concealer to use in place of a foundation or B.B. cream like you can with shape tape because it gets caked and comes off in spots. I said I like this better then Shape Tape and I used Shape Tape the other day since its more my color and guys…. I was wrong. I just don’t think you can beat Shape Tape! But this is only a fraction of the price at $9 and I think its one of the better high coverage, concealers at the drugstore! Would I buy again? Yes but I need more shades because this one is obviously not a match when I wear it.
Morphe Brontour I am SHOOK by this bronzer.  This is the most gorgeous, luminous bronzer I’ve tried in a while!  I love that I have a matte/contour option in this to add more definition to my cheek bones.  Definitely an awesome concept by Morphe and great execution because this is such a good bronzer.  This color isn’t too orange or muddy looking, I got the shade ‘Celebutante’ and its SOOOO easy to blend into the skin.  Its pigmented so use lightly but definitely worth picking up! Would I buy again? HELL YES!
Bliss Marshmallow Mask. I LOVE the texture of this mask. What does it do? I’m not entirely sure but my skin does feel nicer and smoother after washing this off.  Its also pretty soothing….ok read the description, its smoothing and radiant. Radiant is a good description! I agree! Would I buy this again? oh yes!
Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask!  I understand the hype to an extent!  This mask is very nourishing and I see why it would be so good on a plane for dull, dehydrated skin. It left my skin noticeably plumper and glowing..kinda like a huge glass of water for your face.  It has peppermint extract so I felt it tingling on my skin a little bit.  I’m pretty sensitive so it left me a little red but it did go away soon after. It PILLS so bad when you rub it in. So much pulling. Wipe it off with a cotton with micellar water. Would I buy this again? Nah.
Essence Pure Nude highlighter. Needing a cheaper, everyday subtle glow? Look no further because this is for you. I got this because its supposed to be a dupe for the Hourglass ambient lighting powder and it is! I use this more as a setting powder all over my face when I feel like using one and it sets my concealer with a gorgeous, luminous sheen.  You can also use this for a subtle highlighter and its equally as pretty.  It nails the glow from within look.  I totally recommend this as an Hourglass ambient lighting powder dupe or as a subtle highlight. Would I buy again? Yes!
Bobbi Brown lipstick in Sazan Nude. This is a collab with blogger and YouTuber Sazan Hendrix. I love her instagram and her YouTuber videos so I knew I had to grab this after seeing its sheer, nude coloring. This is one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever used.  It’s so hydrating, creamy and comfy to wear. I never really went for Bobbi Brown in the past because I considered it a more mature brand and I’m wrong. I have very dry, chapped lips and this lipstick wore so nicely and kept my lips moisturized. I would go as far to say thats its one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever used.  I love the color, its like your lips but better and I will definitely be adding more to my collection. Would I buy again? 100% YES!
Dr. Jart Tiger grass camo drops. If you like the tiger grass cream, you will love this.  Meet tiger grass cream’s lighter, thinner sister! hahah. I would describe this as a color correcting treatment with a serum texture.  You need about three drops and it’ll even out redness into your skin color. I go in with 2 more if my cheeks are really red from sleeping. Since this is a much thinner texture it also doesn’t give the whitecast that the cream has. I need very minimal concealer when I use this and thats it.  Makes me a very happy girl! I really love this product and I reach for it daily. It also layers really well with an oil, moisturizer and sunscreen — no pilling experienced! Would I buy again? OH yes, I expect a repurchase.
Bliss Honey Lavender Moisturizing mask. This mask gives me Farmacy honey potion masks vibes.  Its similar in color but lighter in texture, non sticky and doesn’t warm on the skin. It does still offers the same amount of hydration.  This has a subtle lavender smell to it which I love.  Its not a Farmacy dupe but its a good hydration mask and I enjoy it. I’ve been needing a good hydration mask and this checked that box. Would I buy again? Yes!
Milk Makeup watermelon serum.  I wasn’t going to buy this at first because it sounded gimmicky but I saw good reviews on as well as Instagram so here we are.  I really like using this! I use this in the morning as a primer for my skin and makeup.  My skin is pretty sensitive and it has never done well with a morning and night serum but this one is totally ok so far.  It wears really well under my oil, moisturizer and sunscreen — no pilling experienced.  I do agree with its hydrating and brightening claims!  This gives my skin life in the morning and it has diminished an acne scar I had on my forehead and my skin overall just looks brighter.  I’ve been using for a week and I do notice a difference. Besides that I love the handiness of  Milk Makeup’s stick products. Would I buy again? Yes!
Essence Make me Glow Liquid bronzer. This is not a bronzer, its far too light and shiny even if your pale and love glow. This is a champagne, gold liquid highlighter! Its one of the easiest products to blend out and the glow it gives is gorgeous. I think this is one of the easiest liquid highlighters to blend out.  I have the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand and sometimes I have a hard time blending that out and the product dries in the shape of the sponge applicator on my cheek within seconds.  I never experience that with this; its great, cheap and needs to be talked about more! Would I buy this again? Yes!


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