Glossier Lidstars!

I’ve mentioned before my love/hate relationship with Glossier.  I have yet to find a product from them that I really like; their concealer broke me out pretty badly and boy brow is just okay to me!  But they did refund me for the concealer after leaving a review on the website…they wrote me a really nice email and I truly applaud their customer service.   They also have a store opening in LA and I’m lying if I said I wasn’t a hint excited!  Sooooo they’re doing something right.

Have we seen enough of Lidstars on social media?! Probably? But, in my search to find a Glossier product I truly love — they aren’t bad and here’s my take!

I got the shades fawn – the purple, grey and herb- the green color. Claims: to be a creaseless, wash of color that won’t move or fade and will last 12 hours!
That’s a big promise.

I really like this color. It’s a pretty light, smokey, taupe color.  I have very oily eye lids and without a primer my shadow is gone in an hour. I was skeptical about the no primer claim.  I got around 5 hours without a primer, just Lidstar applied to the lid before I noticed the color fading.
These aren’t very bright or pigmented so I applied more to compensate for that. After 5 hours the color faded but was still visible.  They didn’t smudge or crease! I’m happy with a 5 hour wear. I only wear these out so I won’t need 12 hours of wear.

I absolutely love these green color with brown eyes. I feel like eye shadow is boring for brown eyes and this is fun!

Herb oh herb. This guy is patchy. When I applied one layer it was fine but very subtle in color and almost hard to notice that its even green. Once I started to apply more the first layer got patchy and some of the color got removed with the applicator.   Very hard to work with. I put some bronzer in the crease but it was still patchy.

I tried this with a brush and that does help with the patchiness!  The green color just isn’t as intense as I’d like. You can make this work but you have to work with it.

I found this one to wear longer then fawn without fading but its a patchy mess so what you gain you also give up something in return. This one didn’t smudge or fade.

If you want a pigmented, green shimmer shadow get this one.

Overall, I would say these are like the Stila magnificent metals but for day!  They are definitely a wash of color so don’t expect a glittery eye look. I do like that they’re pretty easy to apply/ use.  Except for Herb as he’s more high maintenance. 😉

I’m happy I got these because its a fun eye look without looking overdone.  I think I’ll reach for fawn more just because its easier to use.  Fawn is more day appropriate of the two colors versus herb which is darker and smokier.

Glossier also has 4 other colors for their Lidstars in more pinky tones. I don’t like pink shadow so these colors were an easy pick and I’d still pick herb even though it’s patchy.

UPDATE 7/25. I fell for the hype. I have not worn them since I wrote this post. I would NOT buy again. They’re boring and too subtle.



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