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I loveeeee me some bronzer!! I’m a firm believer in everyone looks better with a tan and since I go to school in New England I know how important bronzer truly is.  I didn’t really use bronzer when I lived in LA because I was always tan enough… Actually I lived for Benefit’s One hot minute bronzer in high school, it was a shimmer loose powder and I went ham with it ALL over my face.  It gave me J.Lo skin vibes or so I thought so obvi I went with it hahah. Benefit doesn’t even make that bronzer anymore.  Everybody cringes when they look back at their high school makeup and I always played it pretty conservative; mascara and blush so I’m not too mad about it.  I never had a crazy eyeliner phase either but I drowned myself in shimmery bronzer. 😂
Today I usually stick with matte bronzers, how times have changed, HA! but I love a shimmery bronzer for a dust of allover shimmer.  When done correctly shimmer can look more skin like but its harder to find. I like a bronzer with a sheen to avoid that intensely shimmer look.
Here’s the bronzers I have that stuck out to me! Its a lot and I still have some more but heres what made the cut. I will say if you read my blog then you’ll know my favorites.
My favorites are:
Chanel Tan De Soleil. I am always on the look out for a bronzer dupe for this and I have yet to find anything similar. ( I think theres one on amazon prime from a random brand but it is continually sold out.) This one is a cream bronzer, not cream to powder and I just LOVE how it wears on the skin. It blends so nicely and its super flattering for an allover tan. I can’t stress enough how much I love this bronzer.
Benefit Hoola. I think this is the best matte, everyday bronzer that everyone should own. You can contour or bronze the face with it.  It pulls more orange so I think it would work best with light – medium skin tones. I have never found this to look muddy or orange on my skin.  Its a great formula and its just so easy to use. Def a staple in my collection and I use it often.  I even hit pan on it!
Physicians Formula Butter bronzer. I love this drugstore bronzer.  I think its the best at the drugstore and very comparable to Hoola. It has a buttery finish, it smells like a tropical vacay and it just wears really nicely on the skin. It has a hint of sheen to it.
Milk Makeup Bronzer. This is a great cream bronzer and probably the closest I’ve found to the Chanel one though they apply differently. Theres a difference between a cream bronzer and a cream contour. This is cream bronzer and I would say that you can use this to contour if you’d like but its a more warm tone bronzer so if you like cool tone contour than this will be a bronzer for you.  I just love how easily this warms up the face and how easy it is to blend.
Too Faced Sweetie pie bronzer.  I don’t use this as bronzer but as a blush. I don’t like blush but I like how this makes my cheeks look flushed. It has some sheen to it so it wears really nicely. I use this guy everyday and I haven’t found something like it.
NARS liquid laguna. This is a holy grail product for me. I use it to darken tinted moisturizers if I’m tan. I use it as a primer when I’m self tanned and I use it as bronzer. Its such a versatile product and it blends out SO well and effortlessly.  Big fan of this bronzer.
Tom Ford Bronzer in Terra. Lets be real I got this because its Tom Ford. I don’t think its very pigmented so I always layer it with cream contour or the Milk cream bronzer stick. I use it a lot and it looks nicely layered with cream products. I do love it as an eyeshadow.
Milani Baked Bronzer. Not sure if because this is baked or but I don’t get much pigment from this. I think maybe I need to scrape off the first layer?  Patrick Ta recommended it and I love everything he does so I got it. Do I use it, no but it can be a decent shimmery bronzer from the drugstore that won’t look too overboard.
Makeup Revolution baked bronzer. This pulls very red and very shimmery. It could certainly wear as a highlighter for darker skin tones.  I got this to use in place of a blush and its just so red and pigmented.  I wouldn’t recommend this.
Essence Matte bronzer. This product pulls more orange but I’m tan enough so it looks fine.  I like this bronzer for warming up my face.  It has a tropical scent with minimal fallout and for only $5 I think this is one of the better drugstore options out there. I just want to warn that it does pull more orange and compared to the other bronzers in the picture, it looks orangey in color.
Too Faced Chocolate Gold bronzer. This is very shimmery.  I use it in place of blush or very lightly dusted of my face and I love the outcome.  Its summer skin vibes forsure. Is this going to be your main, go-to bronzer probably not but if you like bronzers you’ll like this. I will say make sure your face is dry when you apply this because it can get patchy if it attaches to foundation or wet concealer.
Lisa Frank Bronzer. I got this in an Ipsy and I was shook with how good this bronzer is. The formula reminds me of Hoola in that its matte, pigmented and smooth.  But the color is darker then Hoola and I think this would make a great contour shade.   It’s $6 which is insane for how good it is but very sold out too.
If you’re new to bronzer I vote Hoola or Butter Bronzer.
If you’re a bronzer fanatic like me get the Nars liquid laguna. Its sooo underrated and so so good.
Any bronzers you love that aren’t here? Lemme know I love discovering new stuff to try!


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