My favorite highlighters!

Were talking about my favorite beauty product ever, HIGHLIGHTER!  I love me some glow, a golden glow and I like a lot of it. Sometimes I thank god for my dry skin because that means I can wear more of it! Lol I have oily friends that don’t even wear highlighter and the thought of that makes me sad. I definitely own the most highlighter when it comes to makeup and I don’t need to but any more, ever, but I love it so I will continue to buy the ones that call my name.  I try to be more selective now with the ones I get since I have so much but good ones keep coming out!  You can call it obsessive? Maybe passionate?
Fenty Killawatt in Mean Money / Hustla Baby
I went to Sephora the day this came out to get this highlighter and it is one of my all time favorites.  I love a peachy, golden color and I like a smooth highlighter that packs a punch!  This is all of that.  I really dislike chunky or glittery highlighters.  Some people did say this was glittery but I completely disagree. I think its so smooth for the intense glow it can give and it gives you options!  I love the idea of the subtle side with the more intense side.  It’s unlike any highlighter I have and I like mixing the two and blending the intense one with the subtle one. It could also be a day side and a night side!
Becca Champagne Pop 
Have to point out that I have hit pan on this highlighter and this is just 1/4 of my highlighter collection in this picture so that just goes to show you how much I love it! I think Becca makes some of the best highlighters on the market.  They are so smooth, pigmented and come in a bunch of colors.  Champagne pop is my favorite for the peachy gold glow it gives but I love Opal and Moonstone as well. You don’t need a lot of product because its super pigmented and they work great as eye shadows.  Its a toss up between Champagne pop and my Fenty highlighter for an all time fave but both I really love both.
Colourpop Super shock highlighter in Wisp. 
I love the texture of Colourpop highlighters. They’re super easy and quick to blend and they are extremely pigmented! I like to use my fingers to apply / blend them because you can control how intense they look.  I love the look of a cream because they really blend into the skin versus sitting on skin/peach fuzz / texture.  The Colourpop ones are only $8 which is crazy for how awesome they are.  They come in a bunch of different colors and I totally recommend try them.  I have a few colors and I love them.  They’re also great for travel / on the go because they won’t crack like a powder if they’re tossed around.
Charlotte Tillbury Beauty Wand.
This guy is pricey (for what you get) but the glow it gives is so pretty.  This is definitely a more natural glow from within rather than beaming glow and I really enjoy it. I love to wear it during the week and layered under powder highlighters for a night out.  It pairs beautifully with the Kylie Cosmetics loose highlighting powder because both can blend really nicely into the skin for a goddess, beaming glow.  The only complaint I have is the applicator.  You have to shut it even if the cap is on or else product will still come out.  Mine got all into the cap when I was traveling because I didn’t screw it shut. I don’t love that but the product itself is worth it.   I will say when you get the product it feels half empty.  It also blends better for me with a brush rather then a beauty blender.
Benefit Dandelion Twinkle
This is the only highlighter pictured that isn’t gold toned.  This is a champagne pink and I really only like golds so that says a lot about this highlighter!  I have a huge love for Benefit boxed powders.  I have 5 and have never tried one I didn’t like and this is no different. This is a good every day color and its good for lighter skin tones. (When I have  tan I don’t use this.)  It gives a lit from within look which I love and its really great for everyday wear! That being said it can also be built up with more product / setting spray for a more intense glow for going out!
Nars Bord de Sable palette – limited edition but these Nars highlighters are the same/ this years version.
This palette is gorgeous and these are some of the smoothest highlighters, EVER. Pure, intense, shimmery sheen and just so gorgeous on skin. I enjoy the gold middle colors the most.  These can go on wet or dry. They’re intense dry and even more intense wet! These are so smooth they can go on with a beauty blender versus I wouldn’t probably apply any of the other highlighters I’ve spoken about here with a beauty blender. I don’t reach for these highlighters enough because they’re in a palette.  I like the palette but I find the bronzers harder to blend / get color so I don’t always reach for this. The highlighters are beautiful so I need too! Nars should def make these highlights in single pans.
Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter 
I didn’t need this but it got a lot of hype, Amrezy is a highlighter queen, and not to mention its golden!  I had too!!! I really like how smooth and sheen-y this highlighter is.  It has NO fallout which is crazy to me. I’ve been using it daily since I got it and it gives such a smooth, golden, intense glow to the skin.  I like to apply this after setting spray because I think it goes on better wet.
If you’re just trying out highlighter and want a good one I recommend the Becca or the Colourpop! Becca is a classic and there is a color for every skin tone. Colourpop is a great, drugstore priced highlighter and now you can find it at Ulta!
If you want an intense glow for going out I say Fenty. 
If you want a day one and you like boujee makeup Charlotte Tilbury all the way.
As for highlighters I’m eyeing? This Chanel one and this Charlotte Tilbury highlighter filter. 


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