Shape Tape Dupe?

Tarte Shape Tape is an awesome concealer and loved by many!  I love it and I dare you to watch a youtube favorites video without finding some guru raving about it.   It’s full coverage without getting too cakey, its a skin like finish, it creamy and easy to blend, it works for under eyes and on the face… its that good.
Tarte released a Shape Tape foundation earlier this year and the hype for this foundation was insane.  The concealer is so well loved and the foundation was expected to follow suit. The shade range of the foundations ruined the launch right off the bat.  Many were appalled at the amount of fair skin shades they had compared to the two shades they offered for women of color.  Its bad and its 2018; Fenty, Huda and even Kylie cosmetics have all come out with concealers and /or foundations with shade ranges of 30+. This needs to be the new normal and everyone who wants a seat in the beauty industry should take note.  The whole Tarte shade range debacle seriously opened my eyes to what an issue this is and how many other brands participate in that.  Tarte got a lot of back lash for their shade range but you look at brands like It Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury or YSL the shade ranges are slim and targeted towards fair skin.  It’s not ok and I can’t imagine going to try a new beauty product and not being able to find your shade. Tarte did release 10 more shades after the backlash but too late. Tarte Shape Tape foundation was a truly eye opening experience for me and I hope all brands move forward with inclusive shade ranges.
This shade range debacle as I’m gonna refer to it as left a distaste of Tarte Cosmetics in my mouth.  Sure other brands are just as guilty but I felt it and went with it which brings me back to why I’m writing this post. Makeup Revolution launched a a concealer super similar to Shape Tape right around the time of the drama of their foundation launch.  It was a great marketing move and many people looking for a concealer to replace Shape Tape went for this Makeup Revolution one, me included! It’s $7 and coined a Shape Tape dupe ($27) with full coverage and often sold out Ulta!
But is it really a Shape Tape dupe?
I’ll tell ya.
The wand is very similar to Shape Tape.  I love the huge doe foot applicator!
The coverage between the two concealers is whats different:
Makeup Revolution is medium coverage. Tarte Shape Tape is full coverage.
The finish for both is similar; semi matte, skin like.
Personally, I’m ok with the MR being medium coverage because I like how it wears on my skin and you can build it up.
The shade ranges are similar: MR has 18, Shape Tape 14.
Shade range wise I can say I’m custard in Nars concealer and many are too. I wear light medium in the Shape Tape which is a tad too pink for me.  I wear C7 in the Makeup Revolution which is a really great shade for me. In this picture you can also see the coverage.
So its not a 100% dupe due to coverage but its a pretty great concealer especially at a drugstore price.  The coverage reminds me sort of like Nars creamy radiant which is an awesome concealer and a favorite of mine that totally gets the job done.
If you use Shape Tape for extreme redness or severe dark eye circles then you’re not going to want to give up that coverage. For anything else, I can say the Makeup Revolution Concealers are just as good, but different.
I wouldn’t say to go use it expecting it to be a spot on Shape Tape copy.  It’s different but in truly the best way, I think. It layers better without getting cakey like Shape Tape can if you use a second layer. It’s also a fraction of the price.
I really enjoy my Makeup Revolution concealer and I’m running out because I use it daily.  I can 100% say I will be repurchasing and as someone who loves makeup/ has a ton of it, If I repurchase something that means I love it.  I also don’t wear foundation and only use concealer so a good concealer is very important to me and I’m picky.  This is a good concealer.


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