#1 Foundation buying tip

I talked about this before on here, I really wanted the Nars long wear radiant foundation whatever it is called, its the long name, newer one.  We are emphasizing the WANTED, past tense.  Its a $50 foundation, I wear foundation on nights out or when I know I’m going to be a taking lots of pictures.  This is once a week, if that. I decided to get a sample of the Nars foundation at Sephora to try and see if I really needed it. I swatched it in the store one day and was obsessed with the finish.  I knew my exact shade so you could say I was ready to impulse buy it if I felt like it one day, haha. Back to my point I got a sample to try and see if I really needed it.  I wore it to dinner tonight, my friend loves Vanderpump Rules so we went to Sur in Weho, where they all work and of course they were all there so we took a picture.  Who is the flash back, ghost face girl in the picture? THIS GIRL.  That Nars foundation flashed back like nooooooo tomorrow. Horrible! You can see my face in the picture and it’s about 8 shades lighter then my arm!

The picture is horrible of everyone hahaha but my face! I can’t stand when I see girls with flash back face.
My best tip for someone buying a new high end foundation is to get a sample first!!! Especially if its a foundation you want to take photographs in.  Sephora will give samples of anything if you ask.  Take advantage of this. I know I forgot about this and I’m going to start doing it more.  As for my Nars foundation, I will not be shelling out the $50 for it.  Even if you never wear foundation I think every girl needs a good one they can count on for events or special moments! This Nars foundation is not it!


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