3 things I'm in to:

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3 things I’m loving all under $8!! I love mixing high end makeup with cheaper, drug store makeup.  I was never a cheap makeup / drugstore girl before but I truly believe you can find really great stuff.
Sephora Collection Rose Hydrating Mist.
No shocker here, but I have a things for mists and setting sprays. This one has the best sprayer, ever!  Every beauty spray needs this sprayer. I like this to set my makeup and keep my face hydrated.  I’m big on spraying my makeup so it melts into the skin and looks more natural.  This is great for that but its not like a Urban Decay Spray that will keep your face set all day.    I will say I wish this made my skin more dewy because this is the hydrating version.   It hydrates but I think it makes my makeup look the same.  In terms of ingredients, it has fragrance and alcohol.  (I just looked into this, yikes!)  Fragrance isn’t the greatest for skin and neither is alcohol, (it can be ok in small amounts)  but I haven’t had a problem and I really enjoy this spray.  I’m almost out of this and will def be getting more! I want to try the coconut next. Its also really tiny and great for your purse or travel.  It’s $7.50 at Sephora.
Makeup Revolution Concealer. 
I’m really enjoying this concealer.  It’s not as full coverage as shape tape but I find shape tape to get cakey and drying on my skin. This one doesn’t get cakey and its less drying.  I notice this in my under eye area the most!  I would say this is a medium coverage that can be built up.  It’s made its way into my daily rotation so its safe to say its a favorite!  It’s only $8 at Ulta so you can’t go wrong.  I’m in the shade C7 which is a peach toned, medium shade and its very similar to shape tape light medium and Nars custard.  For reference I have swatches linked in my ‘beauty’ instastories.
Sephora collection lipstick in ‘tan lines.’
This post is not sponsored by Sephora collection! I wish it was because I really enjoy their stuff!  I absolutely love this lipstick, I have the shade Tan Lines in the cream finish.  Its a gorgeous, nude color and its super creamy and comfortable to wear.  It’s only $8 and if you’re wanting a good lipstick under $10 I totally recommend this.  I would also recommend these over the new Colourpop $8 Lux lipsticks because those are sooooo dry. I like these much, much better and they have even more shades to pick from.  I can only speak for the cream version but they also have matte and metal finishes.


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