OOTN + 10 things

1. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! 🙂
2. So 2 new obsessions as of lately: I’ve been wearing my Gucci belt on repeat just as I expected. I always veer towards simpler outfits and it just makes everything look better!  I’ve also been lovingggg wrap tops. They’re super flattering and they’re hot!  Depending on how they’re tied you can make it more day or night friendly.
This top is from the brand Lush in the BP section at Nordstrom.  I can’t find it online but heres some similar ones / ones I’m lusting over!
wrap shirts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 
3. I’m going home Saturday for spring break and I literally cannot wait!!! I’m so excited to see my dog, eat In n Out, go shopping and drink all my non-dairy option coffees! Hahahah.
4. My best friend is coming home with me too! They’ll be lots of shopping, eating good food, tanning and taking pictures.  Lotsa outfit pictures coming soon.  I miss doing them and so excited to get back into it!
5. I’m so excited for Colourpop going into Ulta! I will say I thought the selection would be better but I’m definitely excited to get my hands on the eye shadow palettes and some new super shock shadows!
6. I cannot wait to try oat milk when I’m home. It’s so LA! Dare I say almond milk is becoming the new soy milk?  Idk yet but I’m excited to try it hahaha. I love non-dairy milk options! Speaking of coffee the new peanut butter cookie flavor at Dunks is my jam.
7. I’m on the look out for a cute pair of flatform wedges. I like this pair but they’re super sold out.
8. Dodgers are at Spring training and I’m SO excited for baseball season to start up again. Matt Kemp is a Dodger again and I loved him when he was with the Dodgers around 2012ish.  So happy he’s back.
9. I need more highlighter like I do a hole in my head but I was watching a youtube video on the new Anastasia BH x Amrezy highlighter and its supposed to be amazing.  I’m so buying it.
10. I’m not a TV girl but I love watching youtube videos.  My favorite youtubers are Olivia Jade, Allana Davison, Violette_Fr, Laura Lee, Manny MUA and Desi Perkins. I also love Kelly Strack, Juicy Jas, Tasha Farsaci and Danielle Carolan.
I just watched Aimee Song’s video with Eva Chen on growing your instagram.  I love both of them and if you blog or instagram it is a MUST watch.
I’m also obsessed with Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland’s Come Undone Fashion week video series.  I LOVE THEM! They’re so real and not to mention, they dress so well.  I love following them around Fashion Week and seeing what behind the scenes truly looks like.



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