First Impressions face under $10

I love watching first impressions on youtube so here’s my take on that through a blog post!  I got all this stuff at Ulta on Friday and then did a first impressions, wear test on my instastories Saturday.  I didn’t realize I pretty much got a full face and every product was under $10… so unlike me hahaha but with that the blog post pretty much writes itself!
LA Girl pro coverage foundation: I wanted a more full coverage foundation to wear on nights out and this got good reviews and looked like a good fit for me! I only wear foundation when I go out so I know I don’t need to shell out a ton of money on one. I have to say I’m so tempted by the $50 Nars Natural Radiant longwear foundation. It calls my name overtime I’m at Sephora and I even know my shade.  Ok, back to this foundation. I’m telling myself this is like the Nars one! 😉

  • It’s $8.99 first off so the price rocks because the $18 foundations at the drugstore are ridiculous, you may as well just get a high end one.
  • This is a medium coverage foundation and thats perfect for me because I usually just wear concealer or a light bb cushion. Anything more than medium is daunting to me.  For those that like more coverage this can be built up to full coverage with another layer. I did on a zit, though tread lightly as it may look a little cakey.
  • I liked how this applied better with a brush oddly enough because I love a makeup sponge. I found that it blended better into the skin with a brush and that I needed less product.
  • This has a dewy finish and I LOVE that. Its so pretty and hydrating. You can make it more matte with a setting powder but after you wear it for a few hours the dewy, shine will come out.
  • I got a good 6 hours out of this foundation which is more than enough for me.
  • It wore well with my sunscreen, concealer, cream bronzer and powder highlighter.
  • This foundation is really great, honestly. I’m really happy with it and it did everything I needed it to do. Its a great drugstore foundation option.

Makeup Revolution Concealers: This concealer got hyped once the press release came out because its said to be a shape tape dupe for only $7! I love my shape tape so I knew I would be trying this.

  • Its not as full coverage as shape tape. More medium coverage but I don’t mind it and you can build it up.
  • I got the shade C7 and its a great match for shape tape light medium only a little less pink which is better for my skin.
  • It wore really nicely with the foundation! I want to try it on bare skin so a more in-depth review of this product vs the shape tape will be up soon!
  • I baked my under-eyes and it wore and lasted all day!
  • I really like this and I’m running out of shape tape so this could be its my replacement. I’ll ket you know!!!

Elf x Hart Defensor Highlighter

  • This highlighter is AWESOME!
  • Its so pretty and smooth on the skin which I love!!! No chunks of glitter here.
  • I blended the two colors together and its the perfect gold color for light-medium skin.
  • Its only $8 which is crazy because its so good! Its a steal and I totally recommend it.

Makeup Revolution Baked bronzer

  • If I can give you one piece of advice its to go in with a LIGHT HAND. This is pigmented!
  • This product is allll shimmer.  It could double as a highlighter for darker skin tones.
  • I got the darkest shade to use in place of blush/bronzer topper and its very red in color which I don’t like for bronzers.
  • I applied this to my cheeks and when I walked by the mirror I was like I LOVE my how my cheeks look.
  • I like it for how it looks but I did not like it at first. Maybe a lighter color would work better for bronzer but again its basically a highlighter.
  • If you like shimmery blush or something new for your cheeks try it but its definitely different and you have to work with it.

Catrice Lip Cushion. I saw this in a Casey Holmes first impression and loved how it looked so I knew I had to grab it. I’m so into glosses lately and this is so easy to wear.

  • Its a glossy, cushion lip color.
  • Super pretty, sheer and I love the glossy finish it leaves.
  • Its easy, I’m obsessed but its sticky. I don’t mind but just to know if you don’t like a sticky gloss.

The only thing I probably won’t buy again was the Makeup Revolution bronzer but its really pretty and $6 so I’ll work with it. I recommend everything else!



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