Colourpop newness

I impulsively did a Colourpop order the other week.  They just came out with these lipsticks and they looked so pretty and I was so curious to try them. So much so  I bought them before checking that they have a semi-matte formula and I don’t like mattes whatsoever! There is impulse shopping for ya! I ended up getting 3 of the lipsticks and their new highlighter palette. I love the Colourpop supershock highlighters so I really wanted to try their powder formula.
Lipsticks in stone fox, boy and appy.  l-r.
I wore the lipsticks out this weekend and I can 100% say the colors are gorgeous! Here’s my first impressions:

  • Dry. These guys are super dry. My friend told me my lips looked dry. :/
  • I went 3 hours before these wore off.
  • After the color wore off, I got that crusty, separation line on my lips. Super bummed about that! I have dry skin in general so I think I need to do excellent moisturizing prep before and then follow with a gloss after.
  • The colors are gorgeous so I want to make them work. I don’t like matte lips so I’m all for applying a gloss over top!

First impressions on the in-nude-endo palette:

  • Super gorgeous colors.  It reminds me a lot of the Nicole Guerriero ABH glow kit. Theres enough colors where it can work for all skin tones. You can also mix them and they can work for eyeshadows if you find a few shades too light / too dark.
  • Super smooth highlighters which I love and go for. Definitely no glitter chunks and they look like a smooth metallic sheen on the skin.
  • More on the natural side for sure. They can be built up with more product and setting spray. I want to try wetting a brush!
  • I use a fan brush but I think you could get a more intense application with a denser brush.

Overall I’m happy with what I got and Colourpop offers such a good price point.  If I got a $30 lipstick that left my lips with that crusty line it’d be a different story!  I really feel like I can make the lipsticks work for me with a gloss or vaseline.  I’ll report back with more info once I play a little more! I also compared these lipsticks to the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick I have and we have a dupe! That will be on instagram this week. πŸ™‚



  1. imnotabeautyguru
    February 13, 2018 / 12:30 am

    Colourpop really hit it out of the park in terms of packaging. They look so luxe and expensive! Good to know that they are drying. My lips get really dry too, so not sure if they’d be right for me!
    Melanie | I’m Not a Beauty Guru

    • February 13, 2018 / 3:23 am

      packaging is spot on! yeah they honestly missed the mark on that. I expected them to be creamier!

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