What sits on my desk

I’m guilty in that my desk is always filled with beauty products. FILLED.  I definitely don’t have enough space but I don’t stop adding to the collection.  I have a little tray that sits on my desk with new products I’m trying or stuff I reach for the most… here’s whats in it that I haven’t talked about before!
Batiste Dark dry shampoo. This has been game changing!  I don’t have to fluff the white cast dry shampoo out of my hair anymore! As if I’m lazy enough, my hair is already 80% dry shampoo and now I can just spray and be done. I love Batiste, its a daily staple in my routine and the brown tint is great for girls with dark hair!
Garnier Skin active rose water spray.  The spray is decent and refreshing on the skin but its not game changing like the dry shampoo. It also has alcohol in it which isn’t great for your skin but so far I haven’t had a problem. However the sprayer on this guy !!!! Every brand out there with a spray product needs this sprayer! It is the PERFECT mist. I was so blown away.  I have expensive sprays with bad mists and this drugstore $6 spray has the mother of all mists! Legit just had to talk about the sprayer, its so good.
May Coop Raw sauce.  I wanted to try this for so long and I missed my chance at Sephora.  Well fate has it I’m at TJ Maxx one day and there it is for $5!!! Love TJ Maxx and their beauty section is seriously stepping up their game.  I was so shocked but excited to find this there!  So far I really like it.  Its gentle enough and its keeping my face hydrated and smooth. It layers well with other lotions and potions.
Son & Park beauty water.  I don’t love washing my face because it makes my lash extensions fall out. Sounds gross but I usually lightly cleanse with water and soap and then go ham with the micellar waters and this!  I use it as my third cleanse after micellar water and it removes more makeup and tones the skin. Its not drying which is really important to me, especially in the winter. It’s a 3 in one product and its gentle enough but gets the job done. I really like this stuff!
If you hit beauty review on the top of my blog it’ll take you to all my beauty posts where I’ve talked about the other products in the pictures that aren’t mentioned here.  I don’t want to be redundant and I’m getting sick and want to sleep so forgive me but its there to browse! 🙂


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