Jelly instagram highlighter!


Farsali jellybeam highlighter in glazed. 

Farsali is the instagram famous makeup brand with the primers that people drip on their face like tears before applying foundation in videos!  I hope this is ringing some bells! The brand puts out gimmicky, instagram makeup and their jelly highlighter is no different.  I was really excited when this first came out and since I LOVE highlighters I knew I had to try this because there is literally nothing like this product.  It took a while to come to Sephora, I prefer to buy stuff there versus brand sites because my points and free shipping, so I waited.
Here’s my thoughts on it:

  • This wears better on top of foundation.  It lasts much longer than just on skin with primer. If I wear it on skin its hard to see within an hour or two of applying. With that being said I don’t think its the longest lasting highlighter.  I’ve had a longer lasting highlighter using powder and setting spray.  I do think this would wear better on a matte foundation.
  • It goes on like jelly and sets like a powder so I don’t recommend layering this with another highlighter like you would do with a cream than a powder.
  • It drys fast so blend it in quickly and do one side at a time.  I go in with a beauty blender then use a brush to buff out the edges. Its not the easiest product to blend.
  • It’s not an in your face, intense glow but its more then au natural if you know what I mean.  You can build it up too. I’ve been into less intense highlighters, like still looking like you have highlighter on but not a tin man, reflective glow.  The color is called ‘glazed’ and it does look like a glaze donut color.
  • For $40 I won’t say this is the best highlighter out there. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and I enjoy it but its not my favorite highlighter that I own but I like it.  It wins for originality and uniqueness.
  • If you love highlighter, gold ones especially, and like to collect them then I totally recommend this because I think you would love it!
  • The lid is hard to unscrew.

Overall, its a cool product to own but I don’t think its a holy grail that you have to go out a buy and I probably wouldn’t buy it again.  I think a Colourpop super shock highlighter is better and a fraction of the price. If you love/collect makeup and love golden highlighters then I say swatch it and if you like it go for it because its pretty on skin and unique!  I give it an 7/10 because I’ve been reaching for it a lot and I love golden highlighters but in terms of highlighter wear, price and glow intensity; its good, not great. 


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