Drugstore Tanner that works for dry skin!


Loreal Sublime Bronze

I’ve been on the search for good self tanners that will work with dry skin!  I love being tan and I totally rely on self tanner during the winter months.  I don’t mind wash off ones but they’re also annoying to have to wash off after a few hours…aka I get lazy. 🙂  Ideally, I like to tan and be done for the night.  I also have dry patches of skin on my face and neck which are a nightmare if you self tan. Ooh how many times have I had a blotchy tan because of dry skin that has been impossible to fix.
If you like to tan and be done, or if you have dry skin, or BOTH! These tan wipes are going to be really good for you.
The GOOD. 
These tan wipes are great for on the go or throwing in your bag for travel. They win for easiness. Just open a wipe and rub through all the places you want to tan.  You can also apply it over moisturizer if you have dry skin.  I do this on my face and neck area and I find that I tan pretty evenly!  Which is huge for me.  Its hard to find a tan that won’t get blotchy on dry skin. A++++++ for that in my book.
After using the wipe and letting your tan dry, you’re good to go! No having to shower or wash it off in five hours. GOOD. TOO. GO.  I love that. You can wear clothes, put on makeup, whatever you want!  I find that two nights in a row will get me to a pretty tan, bronzed look. I think doing these 2-3 times a week is good for keeping bronzed.
These are drugstore pricing and are cheaper on amazon. Like $10 for 6 which is totally a steal!
The BAD. 
These smell like fake tanner.  The typical, wet cracker sort of smell.  I don’t like that smell and I find that these are pretty strong and you will smell like it for the first 2 days.  I don’t mind it because I’m probably the only one who notices but the smell is there.
Your hands turn orange. Well at least for me. You’re supposed to wash your hands after which I did, 3 times and I still had orange hands.  My friend used these and washed her hands after and they were fine.  Maybe I am incapable?  It’s a wash to me but my hands were orange.  Again I don’t mind if I’m tan.
I give these an 8-8.5!  They’re just so good and easy to apply which is why I love them again and would totally buy.  I also love that they can work with dry skin.  These two redeeming qualities are enough to make me look over the smell and orange hands!


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