Low buy February?

I tried not buying beauty products in January and I failed.  Big time. I think knowing I couldn’t made me want to buy them more!  I want to try again frankly because I want to prove to myself that I have some form of control! Lol. $50 of beauty for February is the plan. My mom said that sounded like a lot but if I do $20 thats like barely one thing or limiting my purchases to shitty stuff I don’t really want / need. Right?!The whole point of this is to only buy what I really want / need.  Valentines Day is also this month and I adopt a treat yourself mentality for that day because whatever I’m getting will be from me! I’ve been doing it since high school and I make no plans to stray. 😉
For reference, a no buy is not buying anything beauty for a certain amount of time.  A low buy is setting a price limit and whatever you buy must fit within it.  Much more my thing, hardly, but more doable.
I’m sharing this on my blog to hold me accountable and to show what I can do with $50 on beauty products for a month.  Cheers to sharing every step of the way! If you don’t hear from me about this then you know what happened. hahah. Kidding! Maybe. 🙂


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