Boston for a day!


Target Sweater // Paige Jeans // Frye Boots 

It’s been a hot sec since I did one of these!  I’m so happy giddy tying this out currently! Lol.  I go to school right outside of Boston and I don’t take advantage of that enough. It’s a great city and I can say I could totally see myself living there! Just not sure I’ll ever make it there, I’m a NY girl, but I really enjoyed it!  I was in Boston to go to Prudential center because I wanted to get a Gucci belt and thats the perfect place since they have Saks, Neiman Marcus and a Gucci boutique. Gucci belts are hard to track down size wise so I ended up having to order it.  Sad because I’m an instant gratification sort of girl and I planned to wear the belt with this outfit for a picture. Hahahahah.  It’ll be here this week so theres something to look forward too. I love buying classic pieces that I can wear with everything and that totally elevate a simple look I’ve been wanting one for SO long so I already know it will be all over the blog / instagram! 🤷🏽‍♀️
Prudential Center has a MASSIVE Sephora so I always go when I’m there. I found the Farsali jelly highlighter there and I’m so excited to try that out and talk about it on the blog.  I tried not to buy beauty products for the month of January and I failed. 🙁 I’m not even mad.  It’s hard to run a beauty blog and not buy products. I want to try again at some point because I have to prove to myself that I can do it. Haha. It’s psychological at this point!
I got this sweater at Target of all places. I stray from Target clothes because I feel like they don’t wear to well but this is really good quality.  I think because its chenille material.  It can get tricky washing so I try not to wash it if I don’t have too. It’s $24 online, I found it in store for $12! It’s definitely worth buying either way!


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