My favorite drugstore mascara

Oddly enough, I’ve had better luck with drugstore mascara than I do high end mascara. My favorite high end mascaras would have to be the It cosmetics superhero mascara and the Benefit They’re Real. I was a huge Diorshow fan in high school and I found recently that even the waterproof version sadly smudged under my eyes.  Better then Sex by Too Faced was good but it flaked off my lashes and never kept them curled.
As for drugstore mascara I’ve found many that I’ve really loved! Shocking for me because I usually go for high end makeup but in this case, drugstore wins!
Maybelline total temptation.  This mascara is good because it defines lashes while still adding volume.  It gives a fluffy sort of look to the lashes and I really enjoy it.  It gets a tad clumpy and I find that I always have too much product on the brush but its good and the normal version doesn’t smudge. Its supposed to smell like coconuts and while I don’t smell coconuts it still smells better then a normal mascara smell!
Maybelline Rocket Volume.  This mascara is good for definition and lengthening!  It will add some volume but I won’t say its solely a volumizing mascara.  Its mores lengthening and adding definition to lashes. Out of the 3 mascaras, this one clumps the least for me. If any!  While I don’t mind clumping its nice not to have any!  I really enjoy this because I think it does the most for my lashes.  This is the waterproof version and it keeps my impossibly hard to curl lashes, CURLED ALL DAY.  A huge victory if you ask me.
Loreal Lash Paradise.  This mascara is a pretty spot on dupe for Too Faced better than sex.  It lengthens lashes while adding tremendous volume! I prefer this one much more than the Too Faced one because it doesn’t flake.  This mascara is super impressive for drugstore and its really good and I always recommend this one to people who ask for a good drugstore mascara.   I will say, this one clumps a bit and I find that you have to replace this often as it gets clumpy and the mascara dries out.  I don’t mind this and if you’ve used Too Faced better then sex then you’ll know exactly what I mean.
If I had to rank the mascaras I’d put:
#1 Maybelline Rocket Volume because it keeps my stubborn lashes curled and makes them extra long.
#2 Loreal Lash Paradise.  Best dramatic and volumizing lash for everyday. It does great things for lashes and if you don’t mind some clumping you will love this.
#3 Maybelline Total Temptation is a great option for a non waterproof mascara because it won’t smudge but it will add volume and definition to your lashes.


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