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Hi all!  I’m back at school and New England has graced my return with a tundra! So dramatic, it’s just winter but I’m so cold! Hahahah.   It was warm when I left home and usually I come back and I’m fine. I AM SO COLD.  I sleep in layers.  By the time you’re reading this I really hope I’m in my bed for the day because that means I got a snow day! My fingers and toes are crossed.
If you noticed I’ve been shifting over to a more beauty posts on my blog and instagram.  With my current life stage and while being at school, beauty allows me to create the best content at the level I strive for because I can do it myself. Outfits get harder because I need someone to help me shoot, I always need more clothes and a good background and everything else…. not to mention being at school during the winter where I wear leggings with sweaters and a long, puffy coat each day. Outfits are not gone just fewer in number because when I post one I want it to be something I truly feel good about and proud of. Thats my little explanation for the shift in content.  Fashion and beauty will always be apart of my blog!
Next up is my Instagram.  I officially started my blog Instagram this summer and I’m surprised it took me this long in all honesty since I started my blog 6 years ago. For the longest time I had a personal Instagram and would share blog stuff here and there but always too nervous to actually say this photo is from my blog.  It took me a while to get the hang of my blog Instagram and the type of page I want it to be.   Now its gone from my blog Instagram to just my everything Instagram, my mood board, beauty I love and my blog and personal life that I share.  It’s a lot of work!  I try to post everyday and I think I’m finally somewhat getting the semblance of a cohesive feed.  On top of that is engagement, planning posts and Instastories.  I give kudos to ALL Instagram babes out there!  No one realizes the work that goes into a single picture.  It’s definitely more than you think and its hard work. The more I find my way the more I enjoy it! One of my goals for 2018 was to have different content on my blog and Instagram.  I want both to be their own unique resources for beauty and style. I do more elaborate beauty posts on here but I also share smaller product reviews and first impressions on my Instagram.  There is also outfits there that don’t make it to the blog. There is some overlap in blog and Instagram content, there always will be, but I feature stuff on my Instagram that doesn’t always make it to the blog!
Just wanted to share with you! 🙂 I’m also on Instagram everyday while the blog is usually updated Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Hoping to expand and grow both my blog and Instagram for 2018.  This is just the start!

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sun kissed 💋☀️ here’s what’s on my face today! I know the gigi hadid x maybelline collection didn’t get a ton of love but the lipsticks are really good! I like @maybelline lipsticks to begin with, these ones feel a little softer than my other ones and they come with a lip liner which I really like. the nude colors are so pretty and soooo my cup of tea! I have the color taura and I reach for it often. // I like this @smashboxcosmetics primer for the spf it has. not tons but trying to incorporate spf into my everyday routine! // @beccacosmetics opal was one of my first highlighters and it’s just the perfect color! not too gold, not too icy, just perfect and it’s so pretty on tons of skin tones. becca does some of the best highlighters out there. I love their little mini ones because they’re perfect to try and they last long. // this @lauramercier eyeshadow stick is so pretty so easy to use. // I started using the @maybelline fit me concealer and so far so good! the packaging is the only thing that makes it a dupe for the nars creamy radiant concealer. this concealer is more watery while the nars is more moussey and hello.. creamy! this one has a lighter coverage while nars is more medium coverage. I mix the fit me with my tarte shape tape to get my perfect color and I really like the combo! // @narsissist liquid laguna. this stuff is gooooood. don’t want to say much since they’ll be a blog post on it tomorrow but I really like this!

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