Obsessions V. 1

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I’m starting a new series with my makeup obsessions.  I already do posts like this but i figured I’d give them a name! Cheers to volume 1 and the many more to come.
When this goes up I will be on the plane back to school! It’s going to be coooollllld when I get back.  (Los Angeles to MA) Already have my spray tan booked and very excited to get my lash extensions back.  But oh the cold :/
Pur cosmetics Eyeshadow palette.  I got this in a Boxy charm and was so excited because this palette is all warm-toned neutrals with rosy, gold shimmers!  Boring to some but I know what I like when it comes to eye makeup and I don’t wear eyeshadow often. This palette and it’s warm tone neutrals is so good for tons of different looks.  I use the shades ‘gala’ or ‘splurge’ on my lid during the day if I want to wear eyeshadow.  For nighttime looks I can use ‘snazzy’ or ‘epic’ for a smokey eye or as liner. As well as the shimmer shades which are perfect to add to any look. This may be a boring palette if you like to experiment eyeshadow but it performs well and it’s sure as hell useful.  If you’re a fellow neutrals lover like me then you’ll love this one. The colors are gorgeous and pigmented with minimal fallout.  Go in with a light hand, you don’t need a lot!
I’m going to be wearing my Sephora Collection lipstick through the airport tomorrow so I will report back on how that goes.  It’s a creamy satin lipstick in the color ‘tan lines’ which is the prettiest nude. This lipstick is also $8! Drugstore pricing at Sephora, how rare.
I did a review on the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand, here. Still loving it!
Nars liquid Laguna.  This bronzer is beautiful!  It’s a liquid bronzer that blends out so nicely onto the skin and it leaves you looking naturally sun kissed.  It’s in Nars’ cult  color, Laguna, which is the perfect bronzer shade with subtle shimmer and dewy finish.  First off love anything with a dewy finish and I love shimmer in bronzer because I feel like it makes it more skin like. The formula is a little runny but this is what makes it so easy to blend.  I use the pump to put some on the back of my hand then I dot it on my face.  This product isn’t sticky so you can take your time applying and blending it out because it won’t dry blotchy.  If you know what I mean, I really like that about this. I just dyed my hair back to its natural color which is super dark brown. When my hair is dark I need to be tan AF and this is really good for making your face look tan.  I don’t love to self tan my face because it always get blotchy on my dry patches. This product will easily bronze your face no problem. I love this bronzer so much, guys.  Its definitely one of the best more natural, bronzed glow products!
Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer.  I wasn’t too sure if I liked this when I first tried it.  I tried it on dewy, moisturized skin only and it left me blotchy.  With this product it’s better on a matte face or something not too tacky because it’s very pigmented and will stick to that texture and look blotchy.  I also recommend using a big powder brush to apply this since this is a bronzer and not a contour.  I don’t recommend contouring with this either because its very shimmery.  I usually use my milk makeup bronzer stick then lightly dust this over it.  This bronzer is super pigmented but easy to blend out so go in with a light hand.  Once I figured all this out I applied it to my face and LOVED it.  It gives you a sun kissed, summery glow which is all I want in life hahahah.  I use it as blush too and it gives again that great bronzed look.
Maybelline Fit me concealer.  I read that this is a dupe for the Nars creamy concealer!  I’m afraid only the packaging is hahah but this is still a nice concealer.  Texture wise this is more watery while the Nars one is more creamy and mousse like in texture. The concealer is light coverage while Nars is medium coverage.  I still really like this concealer.  It’s light weight and it looks good on the skin.  I use it with my Tarte shape tape and it looks really good!  If you need to cover a blemish I don’t think this is the concealer for that but I like it for under eyes, highlighting and covering redness.


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