This highlighter duo!


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand / Kylie Cosmetics Loose highlighter 

I love finding different highlighters to pair with each other for that perfect combination of glow.  Sometimes you find one you can’t pass up on.  This one is that.
Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand: 8.5/10.  I knew I needed this because Charlotte Tilbury makeup is #1 beautiful and I need it all and #2 her models are always so beautifully highlighted.  I like this product but it’s expensive and you don’t get much for your money.  After squeezing some product out and using it maybe 5 times it feels more than half empty.  Good thing its pretty on the skin. Hahah.  This gives a natural, lit glow sorta look like all the stars in your life are perfectly aligned.  It’s a good look.  I apply this one side at a time because it dries fast and when it does you’re left with a circle of product dried to your skin. This is really pretty and can be worn on its own.  It’s not totally natural like a great skin day but wearing alone is on the more natural side for highlighters are super pretty and glowy.
Kylie cosmetics loose highlighter in Fiji: 9.5/10  This stuff will let you shine to the moon and back.  This highlighter is so good and so so pretty on skin!  I love a finely milled highlighter that will blend right into the skin and since this is a loose powder it does that very well. The only bummer is this is a loose product and a total MESS.  This paired with the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand gives such a glistening, dewy glow to the skin.  It’s wet like your skin has just gulped an ice cold Fiji.  It’s not a foiled look.  I don’t like that foiled, wet highlighter look.  The Tin man is popping into my head rn and not a fan.  This is glistening. If you’re not a highlighter fiend like me you’re thinking I’m nuts right now.  Whats the difference between glistening and foiled?  There is a difference and when you see it you know.  This product just melts into your skin and its such a pretty glow. Its super shimmery but it never leaves behind chunks of glitter which makes it look more natural. Let’s be clear it’s not the most natural looking because its intense… but! it still looks like skin.
You can wear this alone too. I like it best with the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand because it melts into the skin and wears longer. I should brand out and try it with some more cream highlighters!  Either way it’s gonna be pretty, its just that kind of product.  But, I can attest to this, with the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand, together they’ll leave you looking like a glowy, steamed, little dumpling.


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