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Lord baby jesus I travel with a ton of beauty products!  These are going to be v hard to travel back to school with yet I plan on going to buy more at Sephora tomorrow.  Can’t/ won’t be stopped.  Besides for this picture, my sink usually looks like this!  Thats how my parents know I’m home and my brother complains about how much counter space I take up! lol.  this like many of my other posts has all my lotions and potions for dry skin.  Its annoying how much I say it but I’m one dry beezy. If you are too, or not keep reading.
Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid cream.  If you have dry skin stop what you’re doing and go get this cream.  It is a game changer for dry skin!!!  As a fellow dry skin gal were taught that hyaluronic acid is our best friends and this truly is.  It’s great for hydrating the skin and this cream does a superior job at that.  It’s super thick and moisturizing which I love.  I hate “hydrating” creams that are super light because they’re never enough. I need something intense and something heavy duty!  This is that and totally enough.  This product even comes with a little spoon to scoop it out thats how thick it is.  I use it at night, not vern much because a little goes a long way, and I can wake up and still feel it on my skin.  The true test will be how it lasts in the tundra of New England when I head back to school.
IGK Rich kid hair gel.  I talked about this product in my yearly favorites.   It’s great for air drying hair while keeping it tamed, smooth and shiny.
Bioderma Hydrobio.  I also talked about this in my yearly favorites.  BEST MICELLAR WATER hands down.  It’s non drying and doesn’t leave a residue while gently removing all makeup.
Thayers Witch Hazel spray.  I love this product! I was hesitant to try it at first because witch hazel can be drying.  This product doesn’t dry out my skin and it does a great job at toning, moisturizing and refreshing my face.  I ABSOLUTELY love the spray bottle.  Using cotton pads can strip the skin of moisture so it’s good to avoid them especially you have dry skin.  Thats me and I’m lazy so not having to grab cotton / throw it away and being able to just spray this product is pretty freakin fantastic. It makes it super easy to add into your skincare regime.  This product is simple but I really enjoy it! I got mine at Whole Foods.
Ouai Memory Mist.  For the longest time I couldn’t tell if this was helping my hair or not. I’ve had it since August and now I can tell that it has because it’s grown a lot with very minimal damage and split ends.  I blow dry my hair and curl it, a lot of heat and this does a great job at protecting it!  However, I’m not so sure about holding the style.  I didn’t think it did that for me but I also have shorter hair and I’m the person who is always putting their hair up and taking it down which takes out the curl.  I’m really happy with how well this protects my hair.  I had to cut all my hair off this summer from breakage / damage so I’m very cognizant of heat protecting it now. I also have had this since August and use it consistently and I still have yet to put a dent in it. Another win!!!
Mario Badescu Lavender spray.   This spray is super refreshing on the skin just like the rose and cucumber ones.  I also really like it for prepping the skin and setting makeup.  This smells like lavender with some other stuff mixed in I just can’t really put my finger on what. It’s  not bad but I would have preferred it to be straight lavender.  I live for the smell of lavender fix plus!  Something like that is much more my thing.
Replenix night time therapy.  I got this from my dermatologist and was hesitant to try it at first.  Not sure why because its an amazing night time moisturizer!  My skin gets so dry it peels and since using this the peeling has stopped!  It’s a push top applicator which I’m really obsessed with.  I’m always the girl squeezing out too much product.  This is an amazing product for dry skin!!
Ouai frizz sheets.  So lame but I haven’t tried these yet since I barely leave / do my hair.  They’re hella photogenic though!  I’ll do an instagram on them once I try them! 🙂


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