Skincare standouts!

2017 was my year for skincare.  I think it was at the beginning of the summer when I realized I love makeup and I shell out tons of money on it but I don’t like to wear a lot and I keep it natural…so why aren’t I focusing more on skincare?  I haven’t looked back since and skincare has surpassed my love for makeup. I realized this when I placed my Sephora VIB sale order and it was ALL skincare. no complaints there!
Kristen Ess Beach Wave Spray.  I’m so picky about wave and texture sprays and this one is gooooood.  This gives texture without making my hair sticky or tangled and thats a huge deal to me.  I read somewhere that this is an Oribe Dupe.  I haven’t tried the Oribe spray because it’s $50 and knowing me I’m going to try it and never be able to use something else again. Hahaha.  I really like this one so I’m just going to keep going with it.  It’s also sold at Target making it affordable and super easy to get your hands on! I got the spray in September and I use it often and I still haven’t made a dent since you don’t need a lot of product. This stuff is great for texture, messing up your hair and separating  the curls to give that perfect, laid back, bedhead texture.
Drunk Elephant C-Firma serum.  I spoiled myself when I first started off with skincare because Drunk Elephant was the first thing I bought and boyyyyyy is it good.  I LOVE this C Firma serum. Drunk Elephant is pricy but with good reason.  I used the C Firma for hyper pigmentation and skin texture and it just works quickly and is so effective.  I found some much cheaper options/ dupes for it and they were much slower to show improvement and you got what you paid for.  You just can’t beat Drunk Elephant.  For me, C firma dramatically improved the texture and appearance of my skin while fading some acne spots.  It’s pretty amazing and the results are rapid.  I highly recommend it along with anything Drunk Elephant!
Bioderma hydrabio. Best micellar water!  It removes all makeup, it’s gentle and it doesn’t dry out my skin or leave a residue behind.  Some micellar waters can be greasy and this one isn’t.  Its just so, so, good and such an essential product to have.  I totally get the hype!  Its simple and so good.  Everyone needs to try it.
IGK Rich kid hair gel.  This is the ONLY hair product I’ve ever used that has allowed me to air dry my hair.  MAJOR since I have pretty funky air dried hair. Its frizzy and wavy but not enough to look normal hahahah.  This makes it manageable and shiny.  If I use this I can air dry and touch up with a curling iron.  Definitely MUCH better than blow drying my hair.  I love this stuff and if you have good air dried hair…. with this it’ll be awesome.
Vaseline.  My go to lip balm and skin salve.  I am allergic to lanolin which is in aquaphor and a bunch of other lip balms.  I loved aquaphor for so long but it left rashes on my skin.  Vaseline is pretty dang similar and I don’t get rashes.  It also works great for eye cream and to help hydrate dry spots.  It has a billion uses and its gentle for the most sensitive of skin.  Not the most exciting but a must and I love it!
The Ordinary Niacinamide.  Gotta love the Ordinary.  $5 serums? COUNT ME IN and lemme try them all.  These won’t pack the pang like Drunk Elephant but they got lots to offer and they can help your skin.  I got a few serums to try and this one stood out to me the most.  Its helped to keep my redness at bay and has definitely reduced blemishes.  It gentle enough for my fellow sensitive skin peeps too! I definitely recommend this guy and its only around $6.. my coffee isn’t even $6!
Mario Badescu drying lotion.  I have been using this since high school and I swear by it.  It’s just so good for drying out acne and blemishes.  Its my go to for zits and come morning time they’re always smaller than when I first applied this the night before.  Its one of the best spot treatments out there and I’ve gotten all my friends hooked!


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