Happy 2018!!!
I’m not so much one for resolutions but rather goals I keep in mind.  My number one is to work on my blog/ instagram and just overall step it up. This year was about finding a rhythm and learning what worked and what I want.  Hoping to put that into action this year.  My second is to find a workout I love.  Gym is meh and I hate running so I struggle with consistent workouts.  I’m thinking some type of class maybe pilates or soul cycle! My third is to stop doing shit to my hair! I’m always dying it and doing something to it and I really just want it to be long again so I just need to leave it alone. My last one is to get back to drinking more water.  I used to be so good, 16 cups a day and I’m slacking.  My skin is so dry and I think it has partly to do with that.
Moving along to makeup that stood out to me this year!  It was definitely the year of bronzers and highlighter. I found this year that cream products work best with my dry skin so a lot of creams made it into my favorites!
Too Faced sweetie pie blush/bronzer.  I’ve never liked blush and this year I gave up trying to get myself to like it.  This product is technically a bronzer but those specks of pink give it a tiny flush so I use this on the places where blush goes. I really like the way this blends out on moisturizer and on foundation. Its never blotchy and sometimes I get that when I use other powder products on moisturized skin when I just spot conceal.  This powder makes me look tan with no pink and its a easy go to every time I do my makeup.
Soleil Tan de Chanel.  This is a splurge product and one of my most favorite makeup products I own!  Def one of my best purchases in 2017.  This bronzer is a cream; its so unlike anything out there and blends so nicely into the skin.  I love cream products on my dry skin and I learned that in 2017. This blends out nicely on moisturizer or foundation.  It looks seamless and can be subtle like a natural tan! I apply it with that orange Real techniques brush and its the best combo.
Benefit Hoola Bronzer.  BEST powder bronzer out there.  Its a holy grail product and everyone needs it. The color is universally perfect and it always blends SO nicely no matter what its layered on. Its simple.  I always reach for this and it always looks good.  Drugstore alternative would be Physicians formula butter bronzer!
Milk Makeup bronzer.  Another one of my best purchases in 2017.  I was at Sephora buying other stuff and overheard a girl RAVING about this bronzer to her friend.  I was eavesdropping and instantly sold! This is a cream bronzer stick and it blends out SO easily.  The product is just so creamy and easy to work with.  I use this to soft contour my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin. The applicator makes this so easy to use especially on the go.  Love this product soooo much and I reach for it daily because its so easy and looks so good.
Colourpop highlighter in Wisp.  I’ve owned colourpop highlighters before but the formula and color of Wisp is just so smooth and perfect. This leaves you glowing!  Its smooth without glitter chunks which is what I look for in a highlighter.  Depending on how much you apply it can go from natural to an intense glow.  I said before, in 2017 I found a love for cream products on my dry skin and I love this.  I apply mine with a finger and then buff with a sponge.  This product is amazing and for only $8 buy MULTIPLE!
Fenty Killawat highlighter.  Fenty left a huge mark on the beauty world in 2017!!!  The highlighters are amazing.  So smooth and buttery on the skin which is my favorite and the option of a subtle and more intense highlight in one? Brilliant!  No one has done something like this before.  I don’t think this product is too glittery like I’ve heard some say. I love it and when I need to pack on the glow I reach for this. Its truly one of the best powder highlighters!
Tarte Shape tape.  Everyone loves this and I see why! This is the best concealer and another one of my best purchases in 2017.    It covers everything without looking cakey and a little goes a long way.  I never use that much of it! I stopped using my Nars creamy radiant concealer for this which is a huge deal because I’ve been using that concealer for the past 4 years!   I love the packaging on this and huge applicator.  It covers lots of space and just gets the job done.  Best concealer and I totally get the hype.
Maybelline instant age rewind concealer. Maybelline instant age rewind concealer.  This is my favorite drugstore concealer! I’m on my 3rd one since trying it this summer.  Its the perfect, everyday, light coverage on under eyes and blemishes.  The color selection isn’t great but I’m lucky because medium is a pretty straight on match to my skin. This concealer never looks cakey and I really enjoy it! Its a must for light makeup!
The Ordinary serum foundation.  I haven’t worn foundation in so long and I started again because of this product!  This is hardly a foundation but more of a super sheer, tinted moisturizer.  This won’t cover blemishes but it will even out your skin tone. Its such a light base, never cakey and a must for those that like minimal makeup.  It leaves a dewy, satin finish which works great with my dry skin.  I wear this with Mac strobe cream as a primer and holy moly it makes your skin look so healthy and glowing! Crazy part this is only $6!  Its SO good and sooooo worth it.
Fenty Gloss Bomb.  BEST LIPGLOSS.  Color looks good on everyone, it feels comfy on your lips and you can wear it alone or over lip color. Leave it to Rihanna to create the most perfect gloss that does it all.
Mac lipsticks in Velvet Teddy and Fresh brew.  I wear these two together and it makes the best nude color!  Velvet teddy is a nude but its more of a coral nude.  The Fresh Brew tones it down and makes it more brown which is my kinda nude.  This combo is my go-to for everyday and its like your lips but better.
I got lash extensions this year which is another beauty favorite!  With those you don’t need mascara, and for me I didn’t need any other eye makeup which I why I really only have face products for my favorites.
Happy 2018!  Cheer to good things brewing up and coming your way!  My skincare favorites will be up on the blog or instagram soon. Trying to differentiate content between the two for 2018.


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