Tea Time! 411 on 5 new products.

I’m so happy with the way these photos turned out! I’m making a conscious effort to step up everything content related.  I’m not the best with photography and I use my iPhone so its a lot of trial and error.  This was strategic placement, blinds down, and 2pm sun!
Here’s some products I’ve been enjoying lately.  I’m still playing around with the Ordinary stuff I bought around Thanksgiving but I have some feedback to share!
The Ordinary Vitamin C suspension.  I read an article on Into the Gloss that called this a Drunk Elephant C-firma dupe! I love that stuff, not so much the price tag so I jumped on this product ready to affirm its dupe status!  Sadly, I did not experience that.  It exfoliates similarly to the C -firma but with a much sloooowwwwer time table.  If C-firma fades a spot in a week, this will take a month.   Its much slower results but its like $6 so I’m not upset about it and its still a good product.  I just wouldn’t say its a DE dupe.  It does help to smooth skin, texture and spots but slowly. And if those are your main skin concerns I suggest something with a little more gusto like a C -firma.
The Ordinary Niacinamide serum.  I’ve had the best/only? results with this!  I use it to tame redness and help keep blemishes at bay and its definitely paid off and I’ve noticed a difference. I use this in the morning before makeup and its gentle enough to start my day with.  I have extremely sensitive skin.  I know everyone says that but I struggle with DAILY rashes, dry spots and eczema on my face. This hasn’t contributed to that!
The Ordinary Serum Foundation.  I love this stuff.  Its a super light, sheer coverage that evens out skin tone leaving a dewy finish.  It’s my dream foundation; light, sheer, dewy and never cakey!  It’s only $6 too.  I dare you to find a product that beats that! This works very well with my dry skin. I use moisturizer and mac strobe cream to prime my skin and in combination with this, it looks really pretty, natural and glowy!
Bioderma Micellar water.  Hands down best micellar water I’ve used.  It removes all my makeup, doesn’t dry out my skin and doesn’t leave behind any residue. No wonder it’s a cult favorite!  I also enjoy the blue cap one, its the hydrating version and if you haven’t caught on already… I need everything that hydrates!
Chai Epice. Urban Outfitters nails their perfume and beauty products.  They smell good, are super aesthetically pleasing and look expensive!  They’re not at the level of Byredo but their like $20 so they shouldn’t be!  I love the smells they put out and they layer very nicely.  They also look great in pictures!


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