WTF is dry conditioner?!


Drybar Dry conditioner

We all know dry shampoo is an absolute must but dry conditioner?! Wtf is that?! And that is why I am here 🙂
– Dry conditioner is a powder, aerosol formula just like dry shampoo.  It simply makes your hair softer, smoother and easier to maintain.
– As someone who gets very tangled hair, I really gravitated towards this!  This made my hair softer and less tangled. Its really great for day 2 + hair!  Mine gets fuzzy, frizzy and a little crazy and this helps me to keep the day 2, volume, lived in hair look while making it smooth and tamed.
– This spray helps to mimic freshly, styled hair.  Its great for day 2, day 3, and day 4 if you really go for it! (I wish I could!)  It leaves your hair smooth, soft, glossy looking and never oily or greasy.
– Conditioner can make you think greasy but this product isn’t.  It also doesn’t go on your roots! Dry shampoo = roots.  Dry Conditioner = hair past ears.
– The Drybar one I got is the perfume version so it makes your hair smell amazing. Drybar has the best scents!  They also have a non perfume version.
I’m going to flat out say I don’t think this is an essential like dry shampoo. BUT if you want something to make your hair look freshly styled and feel softer / smoother… this will help you achieve that!  If you’re looking for a hair perfume this checks that box too. Would I buy it again? Not sure but I’m glad I have it!


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