Blush for those that don't like blush.

If you asked me to drop one beauty product for forever I would choose blush… easily.  I’ve never been a fan of blush and I don’t like the way it looks on me.  I don’t like pink or colored makeup in general so I stay away from anything like that.  To be clear a nude, pink is a totalllllllllllyyyy different story.  😜 I love nude, monochrome, bronzed makeup so I’d rather go for a bronzer or a nude, pink blush.
Here’s my picks!
This Too Faced Sweetie Pie bronzer is technically a bronzer but I use it on the cheekbones like blush.  There is tiny pink squares in it so it is a great nude with the tiniest hint of pink that is very much undetectable but flattering on the skin.  I love this stuff, it has a hint of sheen and smells of peaches!
Mac Warm Soul blush. This is a subtle color that gives a nude, pink glow.  I use the tiniest bit of it because it has more color to it but it is super pretty on the skin and pairs very well with bronzed makeup looks.
Benefit Dallas Blush. I LOVED this blush in high school. It’s taken a beating and there is not much left in the compact.  This is the greatest nude, bronze blush. It gives a sun- kissed, flush look to the cheek area and is a great no blush, blush.
A nude lipstick dabbed onto the cheeks works as a great cream blush.  It seems scary at first so don’t apply much and blend!  Matching your cheek and lip color is a great way to tie the look together.  It’s also great for monochrome makeup!
Side note: Recently, I’m loving Mac Velvet Teddy with Mac Fresh Brew on top.  Velvet teddy is rosy, nude matte and Fresh brew is a nude, sheer lip so it tones down the velvet teddy to a more nude color with shine. It’s my go-to everyday lip combo!
Becca Chrissy Teigen palette. I use this palette as blush!  I have never touched that bright pink shade in the right top corner.  It hasn’t even been swatched!  I mix the two highlighters with the bronzer to add a dewy shine to the center of my cheek. I always do just a touch and it leaves your skin glowing with a hint of a nude, pink bronze.
If you want to try a nude blush but don’t have one a good way to do so is mixing your bronzer and blush! Use your bronzer brush and pat into the bronzer then blush for a nude version of any blush.  I use my bronzer brush for my blush to make it more tan and nude.


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