God's gift of scented setting sprays


MAC setting sprays 

Like the title of this post says… These holiday MAC fix plus sprays are AMAZING! They come in a Holiday kit with a mini lavender, rose and coconut fix plus spray. It’s $20..currently on sale for $17… and they smell amazing!   I like MAC fix plus but I never liked the chemically smell.  These are scented but not too strong or fake smelling.  The lavender one reminds me of lavender essential oils and the rose one is a perfect, refreshing rose smell that actually smells like a bouquet of roses. There is also a coconut one in the kit but these two are my favorites. I’m over half way done with both of these and I would totally buy another kit to have.  I love these, they are so refreshing on the face and the smell is just right.
I’m very big on the smell of setting sprays… it should always be gentle smelling in my opinion because it is on your face!   A lavender setting spray is such a smart idea and no one has really done one yet except for this MAC one.  I saw on Instagram that Mario Badescu is coming out with a lavender spray and I’m so excited to try that.  Until then, these MAC sprays are great, I highly recommend them.
On a personal note, I have finals and fly home this week so there is a lot going on!.. 4 papers to write!  I will do my best to keep this all updated but forgive me if I’m slow. Follow my instagram @blackberriesandsparkles for instastories and more day to day action.


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