New Beauty products I'm trying!

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I haven’t done a monthly favorites in a while and I love those! This is serving in place of that because I got these products in the last week and while I’m really liking and enjoying them they are not quite monthly favorites.
MAC coconut fix + spray. This came in a Holiday kit with a coconut, lavender and rose spray.  I LOVE these.  I use them before makeup, after makeup and for a refresher.  MAC fix + is good and these are great! The scents are super clean and natural and they aren’t fake or smell like something that will give you a headache.  I honestly wish these were permanent for MAC and I may another set because I’m about half way through the lavender and rose already.
The Ordinary Serum Foundation.  This stuff is awesome.  I don’t like a heavy base. I use concealer to spot conceal, for redness and under eyes and that is it for me.  This covers what my concealer would while evening my skin tone which I love!   It’s super light weight, very sheer coverage and has a watery, serum like texture. It’ll even skin tone but if I have a blemish I’ll need a more heavy duty concealer to fix it. This has a satin, radiant finish and it works very, very well with dry skin! I layer on my hyaluronic acid, moisturizers and primer before using it and it just sinks into my skin.  This wears very nicely and naturally and won’t cake or oxidize during the day.  I’m in the shade 2.o N.
Milk Makeup Bronzer. I was teetering on the edge of buying this for a while because I have my Chanel bronzer which is a cream and very hard to beat!  The girl next to me at Sephora was raving to her friend about how awesome this bronzer is so I accepted the universe’s sign and added it to my basket! SOO happy I did!  It is easy to apply, adds color to the face and blends out SO easily. Like 3 beauty blender pats and its all set. I still love my Chanel bronzer but it is a luxury product so I like having another product I can use that is just as good to give it a break.
The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. I raided The Ordinary section at Ricky’s NYC while I was there because they are the only store that carries The Ordinary.  I knew I had to get this because as a VERY dry skin girl, hyaluronic acid is supposed to be my savior.  I’m still playing with this, I think it is helping but I still need to wait and see how much of a difference it makes with my dry skin.  It is around $6 so I feel like whatever it does for skin, even a hint of good, is worth it.
Urban Chai Epice perfume.  Urban Outfitters has a great selection of perfumes under $30 that look and smell luxurious.  I love the packaging of these perfumes.  I use them for low-key days, or layer them with my main, high end scent for my own twist. This scent has a very warm and sweet smell.
Colourpop highlighter in Wisp. I got this in the Colourpop highlighter trio at Sephora and I have not been disappointed!  I have used it every day since I got it and I’m obsessed.  It is an intense highlighter but I apply it with my finger and I can melt it into my skin so it looks more natural if that makes sense. It looks dark but it’s a warm gold color thats flattering on tons of skin tones.  This highlighter is so gorgeous and I just love the way a cream highlight looks on the skin.
Avenue Cold Cream.  I love the Avene Peaux intolerantes cream as it’s hydrating and helps calm sensitive, red skin. That is my skin!  This product is made for extremely dry, sensitive and irritated skin.  We’re talking redness, eczema, and dry patches. Again that is skin so I knew I had to get this.  It is very creamy and super moisturizing.  Just to show you how dry my skin is, I use a hyaluronic acid serum, the Avene peaux intolerantes then this. YAH, we’re talking majorly dry.  I think when I wake up my skin is calmer and less irritated I’m just not sure how much it has helped the redness.  I will get back to you on that once I use it more.
Glossier Balm Dot com.  Not new but had to include this because i have rediscovered my love.  I always liked it a lot but now it’s always with me and it’s almost out.  I LOVE this for the lips.  I need to get an unscented version to try as a skin balm.


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