An outfit + beauty products that didn’t work for me!

Lululemon Coat // Forever 21 hoodie // Topshop Jeans // Sam Edelman boots 

This photo doesn’t really match a post about products I don’t like but I don’t want to photograph stuff I don’t like and more importantly, I don’t hold on to that stuff! I like to stay generally positive on here but I think knowing what products to avoid is just as important as knowing which ones are good.  What doesn’t work for me may work really well for some people.  It’s makeup/ hair / skincare which are personal preferences! I’m always curious about which products people don’t like and whether I’ve tried them and liked them or not.  Here’s what hasn’t worked for me!

Benefit Eye cream.  I used this eye cream and had a red rash of raccoon circles around my eyes.  They were painful and scaly and I couldn’t wear makeup for days.  Stay away from this eye cream!

Diorshow mascara.  I know people love this! I loved it too a few years ago.  I picked up the waterproof version to try again a few months ago and it flaked off and smudged under my eyes.  I was shocked!  This with Dior mascara and a waterproof version?!  It did not work for me this time around.

Tarte Pro glow to go palette.  The highlighters in this are too icy, cool toned and powdery for my preference. The contour was really chalky and not very pigmented even after digging my brush into it. It’s seemed almost old. Overall, this was a bust.

Drunk Elephant Baby Facial.  I have heard amazing things about this product! It didn’t work for me because I think my skin is too sensitive for it. I tried it for just 10 minutes and my skin was red, raw and rashy after. My mom tried it and loved it.  My skin is just far too sensitive for a product like that.

Sorry for my Skin calming jelly mask.  I love the other Sorry for my Skin masks but this one is a no go.  I used it hoping it would help soothe and calm my already flared up skin and I was sooo wrong.  I woke up with a rough red rash all over my chin and neck. This mask is not soothing.

Makeup Revolution Illuminating setting spray.  I’m on the hunt for a good dewy setting spray and this is not it. It doesn’t set my makeup very well. Maybe a few hours after application it begins to wear off.  It also isn’t very illuminating.  It’s supposed to have light reflecting particles in it and when I sprayed it on my hand it dried like nothing was there.

IGK Beach texture spray. I was so excited for this!  It, unfortunately, made my hair far too sticky and tangled for it too look beachy. That’s texture but not the kind I look for.

Ouai foam dry shampoo. This made my hair greasy and weighed down. The opposite of what a dry shampoo should do!

Milk Makeup cooling stick. I got this in a beauty box and while I love the idea it stinks of silicone!  It’s a fake, fishy smell and it is the most off-putting thing for a product that goes on your face.
Clinique line smoothing concealer. This concealer oxidizes and turns orange!


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