Huge Beauty Review!

Haven’t done a beauty post in a while and I’ve missed it!!! Part of blogging about beauty is constantly trying new products and my skin has been bugging out lately so I’ve really had to tone down what I’ve been using. Here’s what works for me and what make ups my current routine. Haaa!
I’ve tried the Drunk Elephant glycolic acid which I loved! It really helped with my skin texture in the beginning. When I ran out I wanted to try the Firma-C serum and I love that one! It really helps with fading hyper pigmentation and all my darker acne scars are close to being 100% gone.
My Paula’s Choice BHA acid helps to clean gunk out of my pores. I noticed it the most around my nose. It’s smooth and I can’t feel bumpy, stuffed pores.
I got the Colourpop Sephora highlighter trio and I love wisp! It’s a perfect golden every day color that sits really nicely on the skin and can apply with your finger.
I love my Too Faced Sweetie Pie bronzer as a blush..I only go for brown, nude blushes.   I love my Becca Shimmering liquid skin perfector for giving my face an all over dewy look after setting my concealer.
I love the Ouai memory mist for heat protectant, though I don’t think it totally helps with holding the curl.  I also am hair up/hair down all the time so that doesn’t help it. The texture spray is great for texture and volume without stickiness.
The Dry bar dry conditioner smells amazing and keeps your hair soft!
The Sephora micellar water is very hydrating, gentle and smells amazing!
The Tarte Shape tape concealer can be cakey so use sparingly but it is great for covering a blemish.  It is dry under my eyes so I need to use Vaseline under it as an eye cream.
The IGK rich kid hair is the only product I’ve ever used that’s allowed me to air dry my hair and still look like a presentable member of society.  With a curling iron of course but it allows me to stay away from the blow dryer, that is HUGE.
I love my Chanel Bronzer so much. Its the only bronzer I use. It’s a cream and I have nothing ever similar to it.
Benefit Gimme brow is so easy and quick to use. I have an older one, mines ok, but it got recalled so it’s pulled off shelves. Benefit has great brow products, otherwise. Also want to try Glossier Boy brow which is very similar!
I love my Embryolisse face cream. It’s dewy and super moisturizing for day or night.
Black Tulip is my new favorite scent! Sephora calls it a seductive smell and while I can’t tell you what something seductive smells like I think it nails that description for this scent.  It’s warm and sultry smelling whatever that means.
Laniege Face and Lip Mask. I haven’t tried this yet because my face broke out after a sheet mask! I will let you know once I do. I can say that this travel duo comes with both and sells for $10 at Sephora. **** I tried this 4 days after my face broke out after using a mask.  This made my face SO hydrated which I totally needed because I was peeling.  I woke after using it with none 🙂 the lip mask made my lips plump, moisturized and no longer chapped! This mask duo is amazing! 10/10
I’ve stayed away from my Egg cream, hydrating mask since I just had a skin breakout from another sheet mask but I’m SO excited to try it and have heard great thing.


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