Insta Beauty Roundup

I love sharing beauty products on my instagram! There’s always some on my instastory or a post of new stuff I’m loving or new stuff coming out I want to try.  I could talk about this stuff all day!
Sephora has an entire section of minis and it is a great way to try new products! These Becca highlighters are great because they’re $19 and will last for forever. I recommend all of the Drunk Elephant serums because they’re honestly game changing. I also love trying the mini versions of hair sprays because I’m pretty particular about those. Either way minis are great to try new stuff without paying for the full size or to keep for travel/ purses!
Since I got my lash extensions I’ve been loving micellar water since I try to be more gentle with my face washing.  This one from the Sephora collection removes makeup AND tones.  I have the moisturizing one because I’m dry asf but they have some that detox, mattify and revitalize all with different scents.  I LOVE the smell of this one and it doesn’t make my skin dry like toner usually does.  They’re only $4 which is insane cause who knew that Sephora sold stuff for $4.
This Wet n Wild Highlighter is super pretty and can be built up to be more intense or left subtle depending on what you go for.  For $5 its an awesome highlighter and if you’re looking for a good drugstore one or just love highlighter and want to hoard them then you need this!


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