Army of Nudes

I loveeeee a nude lip. Mostly a gloss or a satin lipstick… not so much a matte lip unless it’s with a gloss.  Nudes are my absolute favorite because they’re fool proof! Always easy to wear, always look good and always a classic.  Their a staple makeup item and every girl needs a good one…. or 2 or 3. I never stop buying them because a good nude is a nude you need.
Mac Fresh Brew / Maybelline Truffle tease / Bite Creme / Desi x Katy Dose of Colors More creamer please / Jeffree Star celebrity skin. 
I find that warm tone nudes usually look the best on me.  I dabbled with the taupe-y colored, grey lipsticks and they did not look good on me… not matter how badly I wanted them to.  Full on dead girl lips and since then cool tone nudes aren’t my favorites.  I have yellow undertones in my skin so I find that warm tone nudes look the best on me. There’s a billion different nude lipsticks so it’s just about finding what works for you.
Mac Fresh Brew is a cooler toned, taupe but it’s a lustre finish so it’s light and shiny and it works with my warm toned skin. If you want to try a cool tone taupe but you’re not sure if you can pull it off this is a great shade to try first. It’s also good to layer with other lipsticks for a more nude / shiny finish. The Desi x Katy More Creamer Pls is different then any nude I’ve tried before. It’s definitely the warmest and it looks AMAZE with glowy, bronzey makeup. I was hesitant at first… aka when I swatched it before bed with no other makeup on and now I’ve seen the light…aka tried it with a full face. 🙂 Celebrity Skin is an amazing, smoldering nude but I like to dab it on because it’s a heavier formula.
Neutrogena warm caramel / Buxom  / Fenty Gloss Bomb / Nars Orgasm Gloss / Glossier Birthday cake balm dot com.
I love a gloss for how easy it is to apply and for how good they look! I find them so much more flattering then a matte lip that hugs every crack and imperfection on your lips. The Neutrogena color sticks are a dupe for Clinique Chubby sticks and they work just as good, have shimmer and are a fraction of the price. The Fenty gloss is my absolute favorite but I lose it every other week like it’s my job. I’d buy another in a heart beat / am about to so thats how much I love it.  Nars orgasm gloss may not look like a nude but like the blush it wears good on everyone and their mom. Balm dot com isn’t exactly a nude but it’s the best lip balm and the shimmer is your lips but better.


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