Halloween Town


Blank NYC Jacket // Topshop jeans // Steven Madden shoes 


I went to Salem, MA this weekend to explore the Halloweentown, spooky-vibes!  Salem is where the witch trials were held in the 1600s so it’s a historic town with a love for Halloween that goes all out with fairs, costumes, museums and events. To be honest I’ve never liked Halloween. I don’t like to be scared and I’m a baby with scary stuff so I do my best to avoid it.  I honestly thought Salem would be more fun then scary.. not sure why now but I was sooooo WRONG!

I was walking down the main street with my friends and one of those dressed up statues popped up and scared me so I jumped obviously, we all did and before I know it three guys in Chucky masks with knives are chasing me down the street. I ran in CVS until my friends came to get me and the Chucky masked freaks, preying on the scaredy cat, me, waited outside of CVS… staring me down so I had to run out of there too. Hahahahah. They have snapchats of me running down the street.  Funny now… not so much then but I can run pretty fast when I need to. hahahah.  Needless to say I was very happy when it was time to go home. Glad to have experienced Salem once but I think I’m all set with that.

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