$50 Chanel Bronzer?!

Everything sounds better when it’s Chanel right? $50 Chanel Bronzer? Dreamy and I want!  Honestly with the bronzers on market at the moment $50 doesn’t seem so farfetched! The Hourglass Ambient Bronzer is $50. Tom Ford is $68.. for the baby one. Marc Jacobs is $49. Givenchy is $65.  Benefit Hoola is $30. Nars Laguna is $40. It’s on the higher end of the spectrum no doubt, and you can find great, cheaper bronzer, too, but Soleil Tan De Chanel… there’s something about it and I think it’s 100000% worth the price.

  • The bronzer is a cream bronzer! Sounds scary and foreign but I just swirl this Real Techniques brush in the bronzer and apply it to my face in little circular motions in all the places I put bronzer. Check bones, forehead, neck, nose and eye lids.
  • I LOVE this brush with the bronzer which is why I think I love it as much as I do. It does the best job at applying product.
  • You can go for a sculpted and contoured look or a totally natural bronze! I love the way the cream blends into the skin. It’s super easy to work with and for $50 it should be!
  • It almost looks orange in the compact but it’s not on the face.  It’s like Hoola Bronzer where it has a very universally flattering color.
  • The product is pretty substantial.  I never go through a full product but this bronzer is pretty big and it’ll last you a while. When you take that into consideration the price makes more sense, especially for a luxury product.

If you’re into makeup and you love bronzer I would say 100% go get this.  Drugstore wise I love my Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, it’s amazing but very different than the Chanel one in terms of consistency… but both will bronze the face nicely :).  If you want something completely different then what you have and a luxury product that you’ll enjoy reaching for I say go for this bronzer.  It’s unlike any bronzer I’ve used before.. I rarely see cream bronzers that aren’t contour sticks!  This makes it more natural looking if you chose to apply it in that way and overall it blends into the skin really nicely.  It’s a great, universal color and it has baby flecks of shimmer that wear very nicely.  I say this bronzer is worth it and even if you have other bronzer, chance are this one is very different and you won’t regret getting it. Totally worth it!
Here’s a preview of another post coming this week but there’s the bronzer on my cheek! Not quite contour but it’s warming up my face and giving it some dimension! I love the way it looks!



  1. October 10, 2017 / 6:14 pm

    It looks gorgeous! I do love high-end bronzers. Also love the butter bronzer too tho! xx

    • October 10, 2017 / 10:01 pm

      it’s sounds like a lot but it’s so worth it!!! totally check it out! ☺️☺️ x

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