Makeup Faves!

I turned 21 last week and moved to a new building so let that account for my absence!  Thank you! I feel like even the tiniest of breaks are good for the creative mind.
I got lots of makeup for my birthday and have been trying out some new things so here’s what I’ve been loving lately.  I also LOVE playing with the light for my flat lay photos! If you don’t want to use props… like me playing with the light is a great way to add more dimension to the photo while still focusing on the products.
Fenty Gloss. I heard lots of people say this gloss is basic. I really like it.  The applicator is massive and applies to the lips so nicely.   The color looks pink but it goes on like the most flattering, glossy nude with a hint to shimmer.  It’s a great gloss to have and I reach for it multiple times a day.
Fenty Highlighting brush.  I wanted this brush and tried really hard to convince myself I didn’t need a $32 highlighting brush and that any other brush I used would give the same effect.  I was wrong! I got this as a birthday gift and it’s honestly the best gift.  I LOVE this brush and I probably wasn’t gonna buy it myself so I’m SO happy I got it! I apply my highlighter in a ‘C’ movement on my cheekbone and on my forehead above my eyebrow. This brush is perfect for that and while it does apply more product I love that look.  It’s so easy and quick and it evenly blends the highlighter onto your face rather than leaving a harsh, shimmering line.
Fenty Beauty Highlighter. This is the duo in Mean Money and Hustler baby.  Meet my new #1 highlighter!   The color is gorgeous… think peachy, soft-gold. I love that it comes with a sheen and shimmer side! I use the shimmer side then blend it out with the sheen side and it looks much more fluid on the face that way.   I absolutely love this product!
Loreal Infallible galaxy illuminator.  I’ll wear holographic highlighters with a gold base only because the blue and purple ones look like bruises on my face.  This is in the shade gold galaxy and it changes between pink and gold so if you want a holographic highlighter this is the most wearable, almost natural shade. This reminds me of the Fenty holographic match sticks.  It’ll give the same look but cheaper.  I warm it up on my hand and apply it with my finger to the cheeks.  I also love it on my eye lids!  It’s super fun and makes the rest of your makeup easy because you don’t need it.
NYX dewy setting spray.  I hated this at first because it smells like chemicals.  What I love is how it makes my skin look!  Shiny with a sheen but not greasy.  For a dewy spray it keeps your makeup in place pretty well, too.  I love dewy and healthy skin and this delivers on that! I am over the smell thats how much I enjoy it.
Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer. I knew I was getting this for my birthday because it’s expensive but it’s so luxurious and pretty!  I didn’t even know if I would like it I just wanted it.  Happy to report I’m OBSESSED with it!  I use this brush to apply it and I love how natural the cream looks while still adding dimension and color to the face.  It’s super easy to blend out and I just love reaching for it on my vanity.  I’ve had it for 2 days and I have loved it each time I’ve used it. I’m so obsessed.
Loreal Infallible Mattes paint.  I love the applicator of this lipstick.  It’s unlike anything I’ve used and its so easy to line the lips without mistake. I have the glossy versions and same goes for those. This is a matte, peach-nude color and I don’t wear color on my lips so if you feel that way too this is a great way to wear some color while still wearing a nude ! I will say it’s a true liquid lipstick so it’ll layer and get crackly.  I say apply it and blend with fingers for a smoother, finished look.



  1. October 2, 2017 / 8:52 pm

    I am loving your faves especially the new Fenty Beauty stuff! 🙂 I really want to try the foundation and highlighter too! Thanks for sharing the NYX dewy spray. I’ve been wanting a dewy spray but now I’ll definitely just try to find another because I really don’t like chemical smells either. 🙁

    • October 2, 2017 / 9:21 pm

      love the fenty highlighter! and yes I agree. I don’t love the smell but it’s hard to find dewy sprays! I can only think of the tatcha one which is pricey and ok and the cover fx illuminating one but that has shimmer instead of dew! it’s a hard find!

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