Best of Beauty pt 2!

So Allure magazine just came out with their Best of Beauty.  I didn’t know till yesterday but it sounds about right since it’s always around this time that it comes out. They award the best beauty product for each category and I love seeing what they pick each year! This week I’m showing my favorite products from each brand… so sort of similar but def different. Still the best of beauty but my own version! I don’t even wear a ton of makeup but I love love love beauty products! Makeup, skin and hair products are my jam and I looooveeeeeee talking about them. I’m the girl at parties bonding with other girls in a crowded kitchen about highlighter. Hahaha. Not sure where I’m even going with this but you can love beauty products without being a foundation, highlighting, contour and baking queen.  I don’t do any of those.
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I think Benefit boxed powders were some of my first makeup I ever got in like the 6th grade.  Ever since then I’ve always loved them…they are the only thing I’ve owned that I have consistently hit pan on!  My first ever bronzer was Benefit One hot minute….they don’t even make it anymore but it was a loose-powder, shimmery bronzer and it gave you J-Lo looking skin so I’d put it all over my face without anything else. Hahaha.
I’ve come a long way since then but now I use Hoola all over my face!  I LOVE Benefit Hoola – it’s the best bronzer for contour or all over. It’s such a great shade and it’s very universal.
Dallas blush.  I don’t like blush and this is a nude- pink, bronze color so it’s really just like subtle bronzer on your cheek.  I love it and it’s almost gone!
Benefit Gimme brow. Its so easy to use and really fills in your brows. Next I want to try the pencil version.
Benefit They’re Real is an awesome mascara!  I oddly didn’t have a big one with me but I have a bunch of minis. Either way they’re very good and I don’t give them enough love.  It’s all I used in high school and I need to start using it again!
Rockateur Blush. This is a rose-gold, pink blush and while it’s pink its subtle and has a gorgeous shimmer. I don’t like blush but I really like this!
Dandelion Twinkle. This is the smoothest highlighter and gives the prettiest sheen to the face.  It’s shimmer but it doesn’t wear like shimmer…like a Becca highlighter…this won’t have that shimmer intense look.  It’s a pinky-champagne color and I love the sort of (almost) natural glow it gives to skin.  It can be intense but theres no glitter so it’s much more natural looking!
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Too Faced! I was honestly surprised this was all I had. note to self buy more too faced?!
Sweetie Pie Bronzer. This is new from the Peaches and Cream Sephora exclusive collection!  It can be a bronzer or a blush since it has brown and pink in it. I use it for both and I love it! It adds a subtle warmth to the skin and it works well for my skin tone. It also smells like a peach!
Too Faced Better then Sex mascara.  The volume and length this mascara gives is insane.  It’s so good!  That being said my lashes don’t stay curled and this mascara does not do anything to help them stay curled.  If your lashes hold a curl this will make them look amazing!  This mascara is honestly becoming a classic in the beauty world and I see why!
Natural Love Palette.  This palette is a dream for natural looks.  You can create a matte look, a day look, a smokey look, a fiery look… it’s endless.   It’s so versatile and I didn’t realize how nicely these blended out until I used a different palette for a smokey eye and had patchiness everywhere.  Some people may think it’s boring but I love it!
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I got this Rainforest of the Sea II palette in a BoxyCharm last month. It’s great for neutral, smokey looks and I’ve been so in to smokey eyes lately so I reach for this a lot. I use the two brown colors as eye liner with an angled brush if you couldn’t tell. Hahah.  This is an easy, compact palette with a lot of versatility! The texture of the shadows are different… maybe even a little weird but this works for me and I really have been reaching for it!
Tarte Glisten Blush. This is a peachy-pink, cream blush.  If I want color I’ll use this which isn’t often if I’m being honest.  But I love the application and how easy it is to blend with your fingers! Just a touch on each cheek and you’re done.  I want them to come out with more nude colors!
Tate Shape tape. This is a powerful concealer!  I like it for my under eyes or big blemishes since I really stray from anything too heavy.  I really like this though and the applicator is huge and so easy to use.
Tarte 24 hour clay blush.  I just love the nude color of this blush. It’s in the shade Partayyyy and it comes in the birthday gift set from Sephora!  Its a matte nude blush and it lasts all day.
I also LOVED the Tarte Rain forest of the Sea water foundation when I did wear foundation.  It had coverage but didn’t feel like anything was on your skin.  I have dry skin and it was really good for me.  I love not wearing foundation but I miss that foundation because it was so good! lol.


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