The best golden highlighters you can buy!

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Gold highlighters are where it’s at for me RN and if we’re being super specific I’ll never turn down a peachy gold highlighter because they’re crazy pretty/flattering and a harder color to find.  I think warm tones and gold are more flattering on my skin and help me to achieve that glowy, bronzed look I always want.  I tend to stay away from white, silver or cool toned highlighter because I think they look less natural/ stark on MY skin but I will dabble with a holographic glow from time to time!

My favorite golds are Becca Champagne pop.  The OG highlighter that I will always love. It’s gold and I’d say I see some peachy gold tones in it.

Mac oh darling.  It doesn’t get more gold than this one. You can go subtle, (I don’t) or build it up. It’s super easy to work with!

The Maybelline Master Chrome is a golden drugstore beauty and it’s insanely pigmented.  It’s super smooth to apply and it will blow your mind away for a drugstore highlighter. PS it’s softer so don’t smoosh yours like I did.

Jeffree Star skin frost in Siberian Gold. This looks darker than it wears on the skin. My favorite way to apply it is with my fingers!


FENTY BEAUTY KILLAWATT in the easy money / hustla baby duo. This is my new favorite baby!!!  I’d say its my perfect peachy gold and I’m OBSESSED.  It has a more subtle side and a shimmery side so I’ll apply the shimmery one and then blend out the edges with the more subtle highlighter and you’ll glow till tomorrow. I have proof above and I also put it on my shoulders / collarbones.  It’s flash photography’s best friend.

FullSizeRender 64.jpg

This is it. It’s prettier then a lot of stuff I can think of.


8 thoughts on “The best golden highlighters you can buy!

  1. I love golden highlighters too, so I will definitely be checking out all of these! I can’t believe I still haven’t tried anything from Becca, as all of their highlighters seem amazing, and champagne pop looks beautiful! The Fenty highlight looks so good on you too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahhh that’s so hard because those are my absolute favorites!!! both are similar texture and consistency wise. so you can’t go wrong either way. as of recently I’ve been reaching for the fenty one because it has a sheen and shimmer duo that looks amazing blended together! right now I’d say fenty but becca is a great classic!


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