anti skirts


Topshop Skirt / Forever 21 Bodysuit 

I never, ever wear skirts.  Like I can’t even remember the last time I even wore one.  It’s not that I dislike them but I’ve always been more of a romper girl. Denim skirts are all over the place at the moment and in an effort to not buy the same stuff over and over again here we are.  I love the black denim with the big belt…which comes out so its like two skirts in one. It’s sliming and high waisted asf so sign me uppppppp.  I can’t help but think how good it would look with a big ol’ Gucci belt.  everyone has one and I want one!!  Not saying I’ll wear skirts all the time now but I like this one so I got my feet wet and were good. Topshop has an the best selection of denim skirts!



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